Why Black Women need to date White men. The Serena Williams logic.

The great American Tennis Player, Serena Williams recently released a statement and confirmed that she had a baby by Alexis Ohanian, American Internet entrepreneur and investor, who is co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. He also so happens to be a Caucasian male.

With Serena Williams being the adoration of Black America and in particular black males, she pissed off a good amount of her black fan base with her choice of a lover.

Many black men who lusted after her on television and computer screens for years – decades even – were disappointed, blindsided and some were even angry. After all, Black America has been following and supporting the beautiful 23 time Grand Slam champion around since childhood, along with her sister Venus. We supported elevated and lauded her with vigor, pride and enthusiasm.

We, Black Male America, felt like we owned a piece of Serena after rooting for her to win all those tennis matches. Black men (even myself) would tune in regularly to watch her sexy, short tennis skirts, her glistening sweaty chocolate skin and of course : THE BOOT-AY.

Sometimes we didn’t even care about the tennis match. I know I didn’t. As long as that skirt went up a serve or two ……..sheeeeeeeeeet…… it was all love (pun intended).

Then in 2015, she started seriously dating what happened to be a white Guy.
And all hell broke loose on social media, barber shops and in urban areas everywhere.

How dare she betray us by going with a cracker? the oppressor? D’wight man?

She went from a Queen to a sellout. From a representative of the race to race traitor. From a boss to a bitch. From lusted for to loathed. From vixen to villain. All this vitriol in ONE day. By mostly Black men.

Now this article isn’t really about Serena necessarily.
It’s about black women and the way alot of black men perceive and treat them. It’s also about how alot of Black women perceive and BELIEVE they will be treated by white men.

Let’s talk about it…….

First and foremost, congratulations to Serena and her and her family. Children are a beautiful thing to have and raise and any one who hates that because of the racial aspect of the child is scum. Plain and simple.

However there is a myth, amongst lots of lonely black women recently, that seem to think that finding and dating a caucasian man is the cure for their difficulty when dealing with black men in relationships.

You’ve seen this online:

Im here to present a reality that contradicts that fantasy.

Now let’s look at some examples of interracial relationships where black women have chosen white men.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton:

According to a very detailed story on EOnline , Robin Thicke and Paula Patton met each other as high school sweethearts. Paula, who was then the president of their high schools black student union ironically, hooked up with Robin after he sang Jodeci’s forever my lady to her in his father’s home. Robin’s Father is TV ‘s Dating Game host Alan Thicke.

It seemed that they had a great marriage until Robin Thicke blew up with the song “Lost Without You” in 2006 and then “Blurred Lines” in 2013

In Robin’s own words for the breakup:
“We’re apart because we just couldn’t be together anymore for a while,” he said. “There’s a hundred different reasons, there isn’t just one. There’s a long list… I changed, and I got a little too selfish, a little too greedy and little too full of myself.”

What he didn’t say was that he was on drugs, PHYSICALLY ABUSING Paula Patton AND his own son. To top it off he lost custody of his son due to this.

Now his girlfriend is a very white woman named April Love. They are expecting a child in August.

Looks like he blew up, started BEATING the breaks off his black wife and child and left his black wife for a white girl. The irony. Kanye said black men do that. And even though Kanye did it himself, leaving black and going white was supposed to be exclusively nigga sh*t.


Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry:

Halle Berry married Gabriel in 2007 and their marriage ended in 2010.

According to the Daily Mail, Gabriel filed for spousal support and full custody of their daughter in 2010 and won getting 16k a month.

As Halle Berry went to court to reduce that huge support amount, she was hit with a racial epithet( called a nigger) according to court documents and accused Gabriel of straightening and dyeing their daughter’s hair so she would look less black and citing it could cause psychological damage to their then 6-year-old. She even brought in scientific evidence to prove that he was straightening and dying her hair

Damn. 16k a month in child support though. Sounds like legal pimping to me and very strategic planning. Not to mention the self hate he was instilling on their daughter.

I thought only black men pimped and dogged their women. This seems far worse.


Tiki Branch, Co Owner of “Miss Jessie’s” hair products and boyfriend Anthony Spadafora:

First of all Rest in peace to Miss Branch. She committed suicide. I’ll let Tiki’s sister tell ya’ll what happened according to what she said in this New York Post article:

“Titi, 45, was under Spadafora’s Svengali-like spell, Miko claims in Manhattan Supreme Court papers, saying he isolated her from her family, manipulated her and treated her like a human ATM.

Titi even changed the beneficiary of her $2 million in life insurance policies from her sister to Spadafora — because of his “undue influence,” Miko claims.

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” she told The Post. “It was only after Titi’s death that we learned more about what she’d been going through and how her affairs were being managed.”

Spadafora “wielded exceptional control over [her] while fully aware that her mental health was severely compromised,” the sister claims, referring to Titi’s “disabling” depression.

In just two years Spadafora, 43, managed to “extract” hundreds of thousands of dollars from Titi to launch his own beard-care business, Maestro’s Classics; $420,000 to buy and renovate a Pennsylvania house; and a $135,000 interest-free loan.

“In exchange, [she] received nothing,” Miko charged.

Titi was ready to kick Spadafora to the curb last year when she found out he sexually propositioned her trainer, but he knew how to keep her in line, Miko alleges in court papers.

Spadafora “took extreme measures to stop her . . . sending compromising photographs that he had taken of her,” the sister claims.

Within days of her death, he peppered her grieving parents with emails claiming he had a new will drafted by Titi giving him 50 percent of everything, according to the suit.

He also took his girlfriend’s computer and refused to return it to her family members unless they forked over Titi’s expensive Cartier bracelet, according to court papers.

When they did, the computer he returned had its drive scrubbed clean, the Branch family claims.”



There are of course more examples like this and I’m not highlighting these to say I’m against interracial relationships. I firmly believe that people should find love where it best serves them and if it happens to be a person of another then race so be it. People need love and it’s an important aspect in enjoying the quality of life.

I wish Serena Williams and her new family success and i hope it works out for her and her husband. I do not wish them any ill will whatsoever and I’ve never been a hater.

I’ve highlighted these examples to show that white isn’t always right and that men are men regardless of their lack of melanin. Its character, morals and actions that define someone not necessarily your skin tone.

We are nothing but the energy we choose to project in the world.

You can have all the “magical” melanin in the world. If you don’t use your gifts for spiritual and mental development but a caucasian with limited melanin focuses and dedicates his life to the aforementioned development, the caucasian wins.

Personally, i will always love, be with and date and eventually marry a  black woman. Am i perfect? No. Have i myself always been great to black women? No.
I can only hope my apologies and growth have made me better. Life’s about progression beloved.

I understand why many black women want to date outside their race, even though they may truly love, adore and genuinely desire to be mated with their black men.

Serena dated Common, Drake, and other Black men and she didn’t choose one. We don’t know the details of her reasons for not choosing them and the reasons may or may not be valid-but the white boy got the ring. That’s the reality.

Oh and be clear. He may have proposed but the woman always does the choosing.


If you’re an honest black american, you can easily see that a vast majority of Black men aren’t living up to the basic standards of manhood. And even though they aren’t, black women continue to support, love and hold down black men.

And before you tell me about how the white man did this to us, recite passages of the Willie lynch letter and tell me about how the welfare system disenfranchised us please realise i don’t care about that shit. None of your excuses. Fuck that.

How hard is it to open the door/car door for a woman?
How hard is it to kiss your woman/hold her hand/squeeze her booty/hug her in public?
How hard is it to actually date and plan a date for a Nubian queen?
How hard is it to be the breadwinner and not go 50/50 on the bills but pay the majority of the bills? And if she is the breadwinner currently, at least strive to meet and exceed her by developing and honing skills?
How hard is it to constantly complement your woman and make her feel special?
How hard is it to let her be free in her respectful sexual expression and provide safe spaces for her to express her sexuality?
How hard is to elevate your woman and make her feel like a Queen by complimenting her consistently?

You know who IS doing this for black women?
i see it with my own eyes daily. A lot of while male PDA on black women.  Mostly the ones with the most melanin also.

The funny thing is they are tapping into what black men should be and getting better because of it.

I could get real esoteric and talk about how black pussy is a stargate and if you stroke that vagina with visions of your hopes dreams and desires they will manifest in tangible reality eventually. I could say that the reason sex and sexuality is demonized by the church is so you don’t access that stargate as much as possible. I could say that sex is the highest form of creation and the black woman and child is worshipped as the black madonna and child in the Vatican which is really hiding Auset and Heru in kemetic lore and that the popes take this energy of the black madonna to subjugate the populace……but i digress.

(if you are interested, i do have an e-book on sex magick that i will email you for a paypal donation of only 8 dollars. I literally went from making 12.50 an hour 3 years ago to  40k last year almost 100k this year using these techniques .Screenshot or take a pic of your donation and e-mail me at Robwatson7@gmail.com “Sex E-Book” in the subject line.)

Also, cop and Read Adika Butler’s Book “Treasures of Darkness” for more clarity on this at www.mindglowbooks.com.


See my articles on Victimhood and Why Melanin isn’t enough if you need to understand why there is no excuse for this Black Male behavior on the cusp of the information age.

Black men have to start trying to conquer the world again like the Moors and Hannibal of Carthage once did. We have to once again be aggressive and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE in the areas of commerce, spirituality and self-development, self-healing and overall growth.

Black men have taken on aspects of white male patriarchy and capitalism…without the COMPETITIVE mindset of the capitalist. Facts: We aren’t competing with white men aggressively enough in areas of power and business but we are aggressive when it comes to our own women.

Black men (and women) have been placed in unnatural conditions in a foreign land with no tools to reflect and nurture their inner greatness. From the media to the school textbook, he has been conditioned to be a thug who is a cancer in his own community or a black male in white face living to serve his former slave master.

In inner cities across America, the thug – through the media and schooling – is the subconsciously placed ideal for the black male to achieve his manhood. To survive as a thug amongst thugs, one must put on a mask of perpetual toughness as to not show his feelings to the world. Feelings are a weakness in the urban jungle. This leads to an inner castration of the divine within and replaces it with a soulless empty shell: cold, callous and frozen in development. Often time this shell becomes filled with drugs and alcohol and other nefarious coping mechanisms. Masks to hide the pain of  a black man losing his soul.

Rapsody does a great job breaking down black “Pain” in this video. She analyzes the dynamics of black male/female pain like an urban psychologist:

(Sidebar: It also doesn’t help that this thug ideal becomes the avatar of the black male in the eyes of a lot of impressionable black women as well, making the black male who does not display these characteristics lower on the sex selection totem pole further perpetuating these behaviors among post pubescent young men.  Some women even create and mold their sons from youth in this way to make sure they can survive in toxic urban and impoverished environments….also because they think its cute)

You need emotions to grow. You need to feel and face your pains to rise above them. This unfeeling is what’s plaguing black men, his community and ultimately what’s causing this mistreatment of his woman. He is trying to get his soul back through sex. He is trying to fuck his way back to the divinity within.

We want to dominate our women through sexual conquest but not conquer the world. We are conditioned to be the black bucks having multiple baby mothers and we are creating illegitimate un-attended progeny that is destined to work to build up the white world through incarceration and slave wage labor. We are unapologetically comfortable collectively doing less and expecting more. We are living in William Lynch’s dream.

We take pride in this shit. This has to end. We gotta grow up and glow up. We need our black women.

One of the reason i love James St. Patrick’s character in the series Power, is that he is there to compete with white men in a legit business and leave the dope game alone. He doesn’t want or let them control him. And regardless of his infidelity, he demonstrates his love for the women in his life. Art can imitate life. You choose.

Also stop bitching and complaining about the white man. Steal your culture, art, science and spirituality back from the white man. He stole it from you and built a world of success from it. Steal it back!



The black woman must be elevated. We have to put her back on her pedestal as the god she is. Once we do the black community worldwide will begin to transform. Our ancient matrilineal empires like Babylon (Ishtar), Kemet (Auset), Sumerian (Innana) and all its pomp, spiritual and military power and regalia prove this.

The pope is still winning too. That Black madonna worship. Kiss her and talk to her nice.

Even now, if you do a deep dive into our current pop culture you can see women taking back their power from music to politics to sex.

This article isn’t about simpin. It’s about Black men losing the world’s greatest resource: the black woman.
It’s also about the fact that you can go date white men and swirl as a black woman and still get gone dirty af.

Ask a white woman how great her marriage is. Then listen and see if the relationship problems are similar if not worse. The grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side.

Let’s grow and glow. Lets heal each other by healing ourselves first. Peace, Power and Prosperity.


listen to Sammy break down how to be better:


Over this Easter weekend, a Black man named Stevie Stephens (Stevie Steve on Facebook) killed an innocent Black man randomly, in cold blood, on Facebook live.

While most people were horrified at the viral video and sharing subsequent videos of him explaining WHY he did what he did and what he did (sadly), most immediately chalked it up to mental illness.

Using mental illness, especially in this case, as an excuse for the murder of an innocent civilian is thee most cowardly excuse ever created.


The most interesting thing about Steve Steve’s commentary is that he blamed a black woman for his behavior. He even named her, (Jody Lane) and asked his victim to name her before firing the trigger.

This is the same black woman who subsequently released a statement following the incident saying he is a “nice guy” and “good to her children”. Read it Below:

“We had been in a relationship for several years. I am sorry that all of this has happened. My heart & prayers goes out to the family members of the victim(s). Steve really is a nice guy… he is generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children. This is a very difficult time for me and my family Please respect our privacy at this time.”

So what happened? What caused this unimaginable tragedy.

Definitely NOT mental illness.

He left clues in his videos that he was seeking help. He stated that he talked to his mother who didn’t help. He stated he talked to other people who didn’t help and that he snapped. He wanted them to call him. He was aware of his action and consequence.

He was fully aware that what he was doing was some “sucker shit”. He said that multiple times. He even flashed his work badge. He was also a coward, shown by the fact that he picked a man who was elderly and couldn’t put up a real fight. He wasn’t really about that serial killer life.

He was fully aware and cognizant of what he was doing and what he wanted to do. He knew he wanted to be a random person. He wanted the world to know – via Facebook – who pushed him to do it. This is premeditated murder.


If you ask a “conscious” black male about blackness, they will immediately rattle off historical and current accounts of black greatness.

They will tell you how much melanin is a gram, how we are the original man, lived righteously as Kings and Queens, are Gods and goddesses and detail the horrors of slavery.

They will tell you how magical we are due to our high concentration of melanin, how we have overcome the slave trade and how physically and superior we are to other races.

Now, I’m not saying none of these things are factual. In fact most of what I recounted is right and exact (shout out to Yada). But, these things are often seen as enough to qualify our individual CHARACTER and PRINCIPLES.


Divinity is not a birthright my brother. It has to be SINCERELY CULTIVATED and REFINED consistently.

You can’t dress divinity up in a dashiki or business suit. You can’t wear a head wrap and lock your hair to achieve it. You cant vegan diet and read books to get it. You can’t go to a temple, church, mosque or shrine to get it.

It MUST come from WITHIN. It takes HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE. Men must do more of this. We gotta get our inner shit together. RBG ain’t enough.


It’s easy to say: “Well he’s an adult. He should know how to cope as a grown ass man”.

But…… What if he’s never been able to talk to anyone about his problems?
What if how he’s coped with pressures since he was a teenager has been weed/cocaine/lean/molly/liquor etc?  Who teaches black men HOW to cope??

He did “snap” but not because he was crazy. He snapped because no one was there to help him with his stress. No one wanted to listen to his problems.

He seemed to be tired of being a “nice guy” as he said. He seemed to be tired of having to mask his emotions. He always felt like he was getting “blown off”.

Or as Kendrick Lamar so eloquently put it on the song “Feel” from his recently released album DAMN:
“Ain’t nobody praying for me”.

Black men don’t really have support groups. We don’t talk with our friends about our problems the same way women do. We are taught and socialized to be strong, tough, show no love, be aggressive and never EVER tell someone your feelings.

God forbid we tell someone we are seeing a psychiatrist. The stigma of being CRAZY gets put on you and friends and family start looking at you different.

You get called a bitch or sucker if your emotional or sensitive. You are isolated and left to be strong and figure it out on your own.

What usually happens is Black men “snap” into rampant drug abuse to cope. They become more misogynistic. They become depressed. They show less empathy and conscience and become self-centered and egotistical. They become unstable. They no longer love themselves so how can they properly love another. They become abusive. They in essence self destruct.

They snap cause ain’t nobody praying for them. Sadly, they may not know how to pray for themselves.


Do I think someone talking to him would have stopped him? Would him going to a church that Sunday, even if he’s not religious, just to dance and hear the choir have stopped him?
Psychiatry? A good friend who could hear him out WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and give him some advice? Maybe a meditation teacher? Some yoga? Took some time to walk with him in nature? Gave him some coping mechanisms? Or just told him “I can relate?”

Maybe. Maybe not. I have no idea.
However, I do know we, the black community, need a change and fast.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among black males ages 15-24, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Statistics say that Black adult men committing suicide has dropped but the rate amongst black boys has DOUBLED since the 1990’s.

This means the next generation of black men are dying before they are adults and willingly.

Call a black man or boy and show him some concern. Listen to him. Allow him to be vulnerable around you.
Don’t just tell him to pray. Show him how to cope with life’s pressures. Stay in tune with your son’s. Tell the men in your family you love them. Help them CULTIVATE and REFINE their character. Show him now to nurture his spirit if you know how. Be a good friend.
Let a man cry. Tell him it’s ok and it will be ok. Let him know strength IS in asking for help when you need it.

I’m not saying this would have stopped this tragedy, but maybe, just maybe it would have helped Stevie cope with his own emotions better.


Oh…To you men on social media blaming black women. Please smack the shit out of yourself. It’s not Joy Lane’s fault or black women’s burden to carry for this individuals maliscious act of savagery.

The one thing all humans, male and female, need to learn and practice is self accountability. No one can REALLY make you do anything you don’t really want to do.

We can be SELF ACCOUNTABLE & SEEK HELP.  We can ALSO GIVE HELP.  Both are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for individual growth.

We need to learn to love how to love ourselves in a world where its taught that love can be bought sold and filtered through selfies, likes and hearts and learn to show empathy for others. We need to work on the spiritual and inner parts of ourselves and start shedding the masks of being “strong” when we are hurt depressed and weak.

Seek help and be a person WILLING to help. Go within. Be a better human for the world.


(Sidebar: Yes, conspiracy guy. This could all be a fake ritual designed to tap into the pain body of Black America on the day of Easter and further keep us in trauma and in the “sunken place”. He was driving with a cell phone which pings back and forth to cell towers in a car. Also the recent admission that he went to Philadelphia means he had to go through a toll booth of some sort. But..who knows?)

Peace, Power and Prosperity,


 “If you can’t get money on an earth this big/You worthless kid/Don’t even deserve to live” – Cam’ron

Thirst Trapping is a hobby for some and an ego boost for others. The rise of social media has prompted people to do various things for attention, likes and that hit of dopamine.

Let’s start with the most famous thing. TWERKING.

Ah…. The infamous twerk.

We’ve all seen someone doing it while casually scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and other social media.

Whether we love it or hate it, the booty bouncing phenomenon is here to stay.

Personally I like twerking but that’s not the point of this article. But, if you wanna inbox me a twerk video, I won’t be offended (winks)

Twerkings origin has been traced back to black women in West Africa. It’s since been appropriated by other cultures ( like almost everything else black people create) and been popularized. This dance craze really started exploding into the mainstream around 2013 when Miley Cyrus uploaded a YouTube video doing the dance.

(Miley Cyrus is kind of the worst twerker ever and you REALLY need some sort of ass meat to twerk respectfully and Lil  Miley has a tailbone for an ass but that’s besides the point)

Twerking does take skill and there are hundreds of YouTube videos of people either trying to Twerk or successfully bouncing that ass proper.

Another thing you see on social media are naked and half-naked selfies. They usually get a ton of likes or hearts if the woman is attractive or shapely.


I’ve even seen people actually have SEX on Facebook live for free. Yes, full on naked penetrative sex.  I’ve seen this more then once.

Why would someone have sex live on social media ??? I have NO clue but THAT is the point of this article.

All these things are affectionately called THIRST TRAPS.

THIRST TRAPS are the random twerk videos and half-naked or sometimes fully naked (Shout out to Twitter/IG/FB live) videos. Also, The scantily clad/ semi nude or just plain nude beauty shot selfies.

The reason thirst traps work are of course due to the beauty, twerk skill or nudity, but also because the viewer of the thirst trap often floods the comment section of the thirst trapper with pleas of desire, lust, likes, hearts and “add me’s”.

Now in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy and confident and posting the OCCASIONAL selfie or twerk video. There’s also nothing wrong with liking or appreciating a beautiful picture or seductive video.

The problem is when YOU, the  THIRST TRAPPER, post these things online up two to three times a week and all you get is some hearts and some thumbs up without your bank account going up.

This needs to STOP. You’re thirst trapping without a purpose. You’re not MONETIZING the fan base that you caught in your trap.

From my observational analysis, lots of so-called minorities (Black and Latina women in particular) are guilty of giving away the virtual goods for free. White women have made twerking and thirst trapping big business. But don’t listen to me. Click here and here and see how white girls are doing it BIG.

In this article, i propose an almost foolproof step by step plan to turn your free twerk videos and sexy pictures into a paid hustle.

1. Create a PayPal account.
If you have a bank account and an email, you’re about 85% ready to open one. It’s easy.  Click here.

2. Create another Facebook/IG/Twitter page.
This will be the page you use to monetize your fan base that has been following your thirst trapping ass.
You can also go on YouTube and twerk to monetize it.


3. Tease your fans with shorter semi or less revealing videos/strategically covered photos.
Nobody wants to buy the Cow if the milk is free. Teasing is the KEY to this working. If you twerk make the video less than 10 seconds with about 5 of those seconds being your PayPal link and email for more. If it’s pictures you’re doing place emojis on the revealing parts or more sexual parts of the picture.

3a. If you’re having sex live on social media tease followers with foreplay then when enough people hit your PayPal with that schmoney, do the live video on your private page. I’ve seen people give directions to couples that were simply laying on the bed touching each other. ( ***This has the potential to make someone a lot of money. People LOVE amateur sex***) .Another idea is Girl on girl sex.  Muscular men showing off the goods to women etc. 

If your already having sex on live this should be a no brainer. Get paid for it.

4.Engage your fan/followers. Block haters.
Your job is to play into men( & women’s) FANTASIES of you. You have to be an escape from the reality of their lame wife, partner or girlfriend..which you are if you get about 200 people on your live videos already.
Be engaging, VERY complimentary and humorous. Good customer service skills translate in all walks of life.  Something as simple as saying hi or good morning to a follower BY NAME is a huge deal. However don’t take any shit. Let it be known haters will get blocked immediately and not let Into the private group/page. Even if the troll is paying it’s not worth the headache of getting harassed.

5. Post in already established Thirst trap groups consistently (If you aren’t already) to known and popular Thirst Trap groups and pages.   Instagram has pages for this. Twitter too.
On Facebook there are quite a lot of secret  groups though.  Also with Facebook being the number one social media platform you want to go where the masses are. If you email me or add me as a friend on Facebook , I’ll get you in for a small fee….via PayPal of course 🙂

6. If you develop a big enough fan base start selling merchandise.
T-shirts, Used panties, private videos, private webcam sessions, phone calls etc. I would do any videos live so they can’t be saved (unless you create a website and go all in) but that’s up to you boo.

7. Be consistent. The best time to do this would probably be between Thursday and Sunday. Social Media historically gets the most traffic these days. Also, you owe it to your now paying fans who follow you for a monthly fee to see you to give them content on a regular basis.

BONUS: Create calendars at the end of the year with original pictures. You’ll be surprised how many men and women will pay 10 to 20 bucks for a calendar with you in some (lingerie?) alluring clothing.

Will everyone pay you to Twerk or Thirst trap? No. But if you have followers and fans already and 15 out of every hundred pay, or more, you just turned getting likes into a Uber type of side hustle without doing much.

Oh, Charge what you wish. I think subscription services and one time fees at a higher rate are great options. You know what your time and energy is worth…i hope.

Sidebar: In my opinion, Women  (OR MEN) really shouldn’t be doing half the ratchet stuff they do for likes on social media to strangers. It’s mindless and devalues the woman to the men watching them and vice versa in all honesty. I don’t recommend getting nude online either.

But it is being done and I doubt it’s stopping anytime soon. If you’re doing it or going to do it at least get paid for it.

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E-Mail @ Robwatson7@gmail.com

Peace, Power and Prosperity.

White Supremacy Does NOT Exist!


The phrase White Supremacy is being thrown around a lot especially due to Donald Trump being named the President of the United Snakes States. of America.  Let’s look at this word Supremacy.

SUPREMACY:  the state or condition of being SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS in authority, power, or status. – Webster’s Dictionary.

Supreme : 1520s, from Middle French suprême (15c.) and directly from Latin supremus “highest,” superlative of superus “situated above,” from super “above” (see super-). Supreme Being “God” first attested 1690s; Supreme Court is from 1689. – Etymology Dictionary.

White supremacy is a lie and does NOT exist.  I’ll Explain.

I abandoned the term White Supremacy from my train of thought about 3 years ago.

I realized that white supremacy is a FICTIONAL narrative used to put a spell on the minds of people of color so that they feel less then and therefore behave as such and/or feel victimized in this age of information and the land of opportunity.

The real issue is White Privilege.  Let’s look at the definition & etymology of this word : Privilege.

Privilege:  a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available ONLY to a particular person or group of people. – Webster’s Dictionary

Privilege  (n.)  – mid-12c. “grant, commission” from Old French privilege “right, priority, privilege” (12c.) and directly from Latin privilegium “law applying to one person, bill of law in favor of or against an individual,” in the post-Augustine period “an ordinance in favor of an individual, privilege, prerogative,” from privus “individual” (see private (adj.)) + lex (genitive legis) “law” (see legal (adj.)). Meaning “advantage granted” is from mid-14c. in English. – Etymology Dictionary

White privilege is based on the silver spoon inherited by most whites due to slave labor and the financial rank of their forefathers.

Slaves and other immigrants, building the infrastructure of america for nothing or less than nothing, did not have the benefit of forming industry and business relative to their white counterparts.

Racism, as a created social construct, was deemed necessary to fuel American industry and justify making man into animal and unworthy of the spoils of his or her own labor. This also justified the mistreatment and mis-education of the Native Africans, Native Americans and other indentured servants.

This caste system with its roots in India and Aryans nomads from the north (where the group Aryan Nation got its name) where white men were better than men of any other color, became a tool of the class of the American banking elite and enforced through the Virginia slave codes enacted between the 16 and 1700’s

If we go back to the initial definition of Supremacy at the beginning of this article,and it’s etymology, we will see that saying the term White Supremacy is in essence saying the white man is Godlike in comparison to you. We will also see the term “supreme” introduced into law around the same time  the slave codes were .

Coincidence? I doubt it.

In history, when people are conquered, the land is taken, the old God’s or deities are replaced with those of the new rulers, their history and books are burned and erased, women are taken and subjugated and their language is changed to that of their conqueror. The ruling class is often educated, rich and has a large army.

This is a standard practice of WARFARE and most of it is PSYCHOLOGICAL.  There is nothing “Supreme” about it.  It’s the business of power and control of the minds and bodies of the masses.

A poor uneducated white man or “white trash” is just a Nigger with blond hair and blue eyes who doesn’t use his white privilege effectively. Nothing “supreme about him. An educated white man will benefit from white privilege mostly due to institutionalized racism, not supremacy or anything godlike as the definition states.

The 1% doesn’t care what color you are. They Tax EVERYBODY and create loopholes for themselves. They control the masses with Religion regardless of race and manipulate them EQUALLY. They practice divide and conquer tactics and use the media to accelerate group think.

The idea of White supremacy is a mesmerizing SPELL that DOESN’T exist and that idea may be holding you back. Saying someone is supreme or superior over and over is highly detrimental to one’s advancement and state of mind.

If I even think about that term, I mentally change it to WHITE PRIVILEGE which is much more truthful and accurate based on an objective historical lens.

Reprogram your mind and your body WILL follow. Repetition is key.

Proactive Educational Always Creates Elevation.  Ask Malcom X.

Compete with all that oppose you. Read on different subjects.. Create. Get out of your comfort zone.  Produce things. Consume less. Travel More.

No one is more supreme than YOU.  Be SUPREME.

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Peace, Power and Prosperity,

Why Kanye West and Donald Trump are smarter than you

It been awhile America. I’m sorry I left you so long without a blog to skim too. But I’m back with some quotes..and my keystrokes…

Lets go….


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United Snakes…. i mean States of America.  Who would have ever thought i would type those words huh?  Damn Hillary…


Kanye West on December 13, 2016 met with  President Elect Trump along with some other black entertainers; but no one really mattered more than Kanye.


So now that Kanye has met with The President Elect, alot of Black people are calling Kanye a sellout, coon, Uncle Tom, Sambo and any other derogatory name for a black that ain’t “fighting the power” the way that they like to see in the popular media .

But …………

Donald Trump has always been around rappers! It’s nothing new!

Law 3 from the 48 laws of Power….
Conceal your Intentions
Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If
they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough
down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your
intentions, it will be too late.

Donald Trump was on Method Man’s Album.
Donald Trump has partied with Puff Daddy and Stevie J. from Love and Hip hop. Trump has partied with Jah Rule, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

Trump had Lil Jon on the apprentice.
Rappers have stayed in Trump hotels

Simply Google Trump and Rappers. You will find a bunch of Black people with big grins cheesing with Trump like they met the best thing since the internet was created.

My point?
Trump has ALWAYS hung around Black rappers and entertainers. As a business man, he is supposed to stay around what’s hot and trendy. Why?… To keep the Trump brand hot and trendy.

The only color Donald Trump really cares about is green and  as a shrewd business man (without conscience) and entrepreneur that’s his job.  To keep the Trump brand viable.

So when he says he and Kanye are old friends he means it. He has hung out with Kanye before because Kanye is a pop culture darling. Kanye is good for business! He gets the people going!

Now that Trump has come out VOCALLY with his true racist and misogynistic views everyone hates Kanye for meeting him?? Kanye is a coon for meeting the president? Really?  An Uncle tom For talking to the President about improving  the world around him??????

I get it though.

Black people would rather be stabbed in the back then be forced to become strategic in a face to face battle. They prefer Trojan Horses to kill them while they rest rather than defending their kingdom from a direct oncoming army.

The reason black people wanted Hillary is because they like to be pandered to and coddled. They don’t really want to problem solve.

They wanted a Hillary Clinton to smile in their face while calling them superpredators in private and They want a Hillary Clinton who has been disrespectful to the BLM movement and has played all sides of the fence to get votes.

Listen to the last thing Hilary says in this video….

They want a Clinton who raised the rent in Harlem, forced the small black businesses out and started New York on the path to gentrification.

Blacks like their white folk to smile, play hide the racism and you go seek.

They also want you to play the sax while they lock up more black people than any President EVER.   

They want to have the same woman who has hot sauce in her bag as the head of the country because well….. she looks good throwing a concert with Jay and Bey.  (jay and Bey look like happy superpredators here don’t they?)



Donald Trump is direct and brash. He isn’t politically correct and doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. He says what he wants and does what he wants.  He is outspoken about his distaste for women, Muslims, mexicans and Immigrants and poor blacks.

He is the gun in your face challenging you to do something rather than putting the knife in your back while you sleep.  He is indirectly challenging US as black people to do something. He is not the old politic of kiss your black ass for votes and dismiss you afterwards.  He dont like you and you know it.

Will we step up though? Listen to 21-year-old rapper G Herbo from Chicago break it down at the 48 min mark to the 51 min mark…….


Smart Black people don’t want their racism hidden behind a smile and a rap concert.  They want to start political action committees,  gun clubs, Homeschool organizations for their children, Survivalist camps, Sou Sou’s, Learn to fish and garden etc.  They want to be PROACTIVE and FEARLESS.

Everyone is scared of Trump and feeling helpless but all the tools are around for us as blacks in America to help ourselves. Now more than ever is the time because Trump is rolling back all the entitlements and excuses.


Back to Kanye…..

Law 6 of the 48 Laws of Power:

Court Attention at all Cost

“Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses.”

Kanye is conducting business and business has always been about networking and branding.  He is smart enough to know that him standing next to a mogul like himself makes him larger than life and garners more opportunity.  Even if he is a racist. It’s about using your enemy to get what you want.

Is Kanye nuts? Maybe.  But not for this move. This is a smart chess move. A pawn from Chicago standing and meeting with a Billionaire leader of the free world. Genius.

Instead of berating Kanye we should watch his moves. He may be smarter than you think. Trump too.

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Peace Power and prosperity…….

Why I don’t give a damn about #Altonsterling, #Philando Castille or #Blacklivesmatter

Before I go into this article I would like to honor the spirit of Alton Sterling and Philando with a candle and a moment of silence……
Now, here is why I don’t care……

You see, I’ve seen this scenario play out since the proliferation of cellular phone recordings over the last few years. In fact, black death is becoming  prime time media and water cooler fodder to be digested for about two weeks then discarded till the next shooting or news of a zoo gorilla caring for a precocious black kid.
It goes like this…
Black male/female does misdemeanor crime or minor questionable activity. White male/cop shoots or kills them in cold blood.
Conservative media says that’s what he gets for breaking the law/fighting back. Liberals call for peace, marches and prayer rallies. #blacklivesmatter hash tags take over the Internet. The victim’s name get hashtagged. Protests/Riots take place. People get arrested.
2 week conversation. Story dies down. Months go by. People move on.
After time passes and the anger and protests die down, police officer/murderer goes to court. Insert Al Sharpton.
NOT GUILTY is the verdict. The officers get rich from Gofundme.
The family gets a little over a million dollars in a city settlement agreement (sometimes).
Repeat cycle…..repeat cycle….repeat cycle….

I read a brief article and consciously decided not to watch any footage of the Alton Sterling shooting. I will not read any more articles about it. I will not watch the news ( which I barely do anyway). My social media interactions will be curated.  I will not take on this pain. I will not hash tag or wear a hoodie again (R.I. P Trayvon)
It sucks at my soul. I hate seeing black people get murdered. Most importantly I hate Black folks cowardly responses.
Here are the most popular.

#Blacklivesmatter is nothing more than a social media hashtag till popular news media moves on. Name me one substantial thing the black lives matter pseudo-movement has done to stop police brutality. Name me one thing it has done to stop killings in Chicago. Name me one inner city school that has improved by it. It may raise awareness but knowledge without action is stupidity.
I haven’t seen one law change or one innocent person receive justice due to the “movement” that moves nothing.
It’s a cute logo though.
All this was done and Trayvon Martin’s killer is walking around AND profiting from his death. I guess the gods old and new don’t love us black folk.
I used to bitch and complain myself till I realized that my life is my own and only i can change my life and environment. I realized i can beat the devil but i had to beat the one within FIRST, then spread that power i gained outward.
We complain too much about what the white man is doing to us. We talk too much about his perceived power. We men talk about him like he is a boogeyman. Unbeatable. Untouchable. The white man is a genius for making us feel that way. We shook. Scared to death and scared to look.
The white man is doing what he has been doing for 400 years. Hell, since he repurposed gunpowder. He is great at keeping a foot on your black ass neck, using you for financial gain and murdering you. This is what warfare is about. The whiteman may be the ultimate warrior.
We say “Let go and let god”
You don’t know how often I see posts on social media about the “evil” whiteman on …HIS…white owned and police monitored Facebook and Instagram.

Here is a simple question to my people:
Are we out thinking white men? Are we using some of their knowledge to become better?  Are we organizing, Are we stealing part of their legacy like they did ours? Do we see the white man as our competitors? Do we wanna compete? Do we really think the whiteman out thinks us on every level? Or are we whining and complaining like bitches???
Dr Claude has an answer:
Do we also utilize “silent weapons for quiet wars“? Do we produce our own propaganda? Do we have think tanks? Are we proactive? Are we really at war with them? Or do we get emotional and reactionary when the news tells us too?
Jill Scott has an answer.

The Dallas Shooter(s) and Black men:
Whether you think the Micah X Johnson event was real or it was fake doesn’t matter. It is irrelevant.
What matters is that Micah X (the govt/false flag etc for you conspiracy nuts) did more for the black family then Trayvon’s Martin’s dad did for his son, more than Mike Browns dad did for his son and the list goes on.
Tamir Rice and Akai Gurley don’t have men in their family??
Eric Garners wife is a lil hood. So was he.
No thugs in the family?
Black men believe in Jesus and other crucified saviors so much and are quick to go to churches and temples to hear how their “saviors” SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES for their sins for the whole human family but they wont dare die for their OWN  blood families. The irony.
We praise Malcolm, Marcus and Martin and don’t even realize they REALLY lived the life of Jesus by DYING for us!
In closing,
Until INJUSTICE is met with INJUSTICE by the men in the families of these victims, I will not take on their pain or trauma.
I refuse.
If their own fathers, uncles, and cousins aren’t willing to die for their own kin, I won’t cry or stress for them either.  If the men in these families won’t stand up, I’m not standing up or being emotional for them either. 
I CAN’t care about them because black men don’t care enough. We aren’t leading enough. We aren’t strategic enough. We aren’t courageous, proactive or bold enough. 
I empathize and I’m sympathetic but I will not take on the pain, trauma, stress and confusion of another criminal police shooting that will not lead to justice. It’s bad for my spirit. It kills my courage.
We’d rather talk about black women’s hair, Empire, how they behave, shame their bodies and call them bitches in our music and conversation. We seem to be more viscous online then in real life. We like safe rebellion like profile pics and meme. We like wearing purses and midriff shirts. 
But…I think the skirts are starting to fit better on black men. The tight pants are reflective of our state of being. The effeminate attitudes are the by products of our collective failings. 
Black lives don’t really matter to black men nowadays. We are becoming more lost, cowardly and underappreciated by the year day.
This is why I don’t care. By August, you’ll be over it. Sad but true. Maybe sooner.
You say your Kings, God’s, And Divine right?
Well … you will keep getting sacrificed for the world to see while the universe screams out “SHOW ME !!!
We didn’t learn from Trayvon. We didn’t.
The best thing to do is get a friend from every race and ethnicity and utilize them, their knowledge, perspective and resources to get ahead.  The best thing a black man can do is get a good, sharp business minded woman on his side, stfu and listen. More on that another time…
Niggas are scared of revolution. 
Peace, power & prosperity.
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Why Black people love begging and cheerleading for caucasian causes

An unbiased study of history and culture will inform anyone of moderate intelligence that the Black American in the United States has been treated worse than any other ethnic group worldwide.

Not only were blacks stolen from their homeland and stripped of their culture, language, religion, economics, social independence, self-determination and our own institutions of justice, they were also worked like beasts of the field and treated as such.  The social construct of slavery was supported by the scientific community of the time, while  interwoven into the fabric of American societal development. The very creation of Capitalism, as an economic apparatus, is due to the exploitation of black slave labor.

Black slave labor started the stock market, with black bucks being the stock of trade and this slave labor is the foundation of Wall Street. Black inventions were stolen and the creators uncompensated. Black music and culture was appropriated by whites and redistributed as white-faced. Burgeoning black businesses with thriving neighborhoods were burned to the ground and black people wanting home ownership were turned away due to a discriminatory practice called redlining. Black churches of worship were bombed and terrorized. Blacks were and are demonized in the news and popular culture and are faced with bias and prejudice in hiring practice and situations of upward mobility and advancement in the workplace.

Due to enslavement and the mental and physical ramifications of the culture of slavery, poverty was the inheritance of the black community .  Without items to trade, sell or barter; no culture of people can have a thriving economy. Without land to build on, no community can organize effectively and collectively to create currency. The generation of currency is the foundation of POWER  worldwide.

Make no mistake, land and the control of resources is the key to generational wealth.  For example, the family that owns your local utilities,  I.e.  electric or gas companies, will be wealthy until the sun burns out. This wealth enables the utility owners to purchase more land and resources which in turn leads to more POWER.

So why are black people so determined to go hard and stick up for the causes of other races and cultures? Even though these same races and cultures rarely or minimally support black causes? The short answer is : POWER.

We are often taught that “money is the root of all evil” and that “rich people don’t enter heaven” and all sorts of religious and psychological sorcery to keep us from obtaining the knowledge of economics, financial literacy and self-determination. The goal of big corporations, which are the 1% that control all the world’s resources, is to keep you a consummate consumer until you die. Work and buy, work more and buy more.

Since wealthy Caucasians , through western cultures psychological and physical warfare, conquered and dominated the world’s land and resources wielding almost unlimited POWER ; those with limited POWER worldwide basically just follow the leader. It goes back to the simple saying of “If you can’t beat em,  join em”.

Black people across the Diaspora have adopted a follow the leader, if you can’t beat em, join em mentality. We see no value in our own creativity and cultural impact. We are complacent with western culture bullying us. We have developed Stockholm syndrome.


Despite various examples of black cultural appropriation by popular media, despite the fact that America’s biggest and primary import is music and culture worldwide, despite blacks being the biggest consumers in America, despite the numerous black inventions that propelled America forward, despite the free labor that built the very foundation of American capitalism with black backs being the first currency, despite the black nanny’s that STILL raise European families, despite our music influencing culture across ethnic boundaries, despite the resources and richness of ancient and indigenous African societies like Egypt, Timbuktu, Kush and Ghana, despite African spirituality being the mother of all world religions, Despite Henrietta Lacks cells saving millions of lives daily……
…..lots of black people STILL would rather be a sidekick Robin to the white man’s Batman.

Due to mis-education , misinformation and plain old ignorance and apathy ; the black man in America sees his poverty and powerlessness as a source of pride. He revels in it and even makes struggle soundtrack’s to support this prideful poverty ideology.

He chooses not to upset the normalcy of white privilege for fear of no longer receiving the crumbs off the Caucasian table. Emotionally paralyzed by fear from seeing his leadership and fellow-man assassinated, incarcerated and police brutalized without recourse, he chooses to toe the line, smile and wave, stay humble, fit in, kiss ass and keep collecting his check for survival.

The unfortunate thing about this mentality is that Blacks are some of the most creative people on planet earth. We have the power to create and own our creations and the distribution of them. The game of shucking, jiving and living in fear is no longer necessary.

With the internet, you can go direct to consumer and capitalize without any middleman. The internet age and the access it gives is our way into financial POWER and the escape from poverty. Then, once capital has been acquired, the next step is land acquisition and then the purchase of political lobbyists and super pacs.

Dr. Claude Anderson has the answers.

Hip Hop was, and to some lesser degree still is, a model for how being creative can help blacks can employ their own. Hip hop started off as a force of black pride and was a means viable means of getting wealth. Many young men have saved themselves and their families by forming a music label, putting words over a beat and monetizing it. POWER.

We should become heroes (herus) for our own ethnicity and support our own causes and upliftment as passionately as we support others. As of this writing, the case of Sandra Bland, a black activist who was hung in her cell after a minor traffic dispute with an officer is making headlines. The LGBT community, who blacks support regularly, is silent. The overall women’s liberation and feminist movement, ( besides the black women) is silent. Women’s rights groups are silent.


We are taught to pray, march and look to white Jesus for a better afterlife. Either that, or we are advised that we have to “fit in” order to be successful. Black lives only seem to really matter to black people, while we passionately support other agendas in solidarity with other ethnic, civic and social groups that do token gestures (if that) to placate us.

It’s time we retake our power and become producers and consumers of our own products and creativity. It’s time that we use our wealth to buy land. It’s time that we create and financially support our own institutions. It’s time that we stop selling our brands that we create to people who don’t look like us. It’s time that we strategically boycott a specific company every time a Black person gets shot and killed by law enforcement unjustly. It’s time that we step up out of the Caucasian shadow and use our own creations, wealth and mindsets to gain POWER.

We must create more. We must be fearless.
We must create more. We must be fearless
We must create more. We must be fearless.
We must create more. We must be fearless.

Let us fight for us. Let’s own self and our creations.  As the hip hop group Onyx said:

“These evil streets is rough
Aint no one we can trust
Either roll to rush or get rushed
Cause all we got is us!!..

Be Powerful.

Dating While #Woke – What to look out for

Since the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray and Michael Brown, many black men and women are awakening to the uniqueness of their experience here in America and the whole African diaspora.
This is causing them to seek the answers to the why, when and how of things not only in America , but also those of ancestral past . They want to recreate the culture their ancestors lived and duplicate its customs.
They want to worship their ancient spiritual gods and goddesses. They want to dress like their ancestors. They want to eat like them.
They want to date others that are like-minded and on a similar path.
This is the path into the black conscious community dating pool.  Looking for a mate to share your path and newfound awareness.
However, like any community, there are those who are sincere and those who are faking and fronting. Egomaniacs. Cowards.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing. The personification of the Pharisees of Biblical lore.  
Black Women, more than any of us, have to be especially guarded when going in the black conscious community.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing that have beautiful words of wisdom and enlightenment to speak and are dressed in Afrocentric  garments to attract and then set a trap for you.  Some want to exploit you sexually, financially and emotionally with no regard for you, your children or well-being.
These are not the sincere seekers in the conscious community but what is now being called Hotep ni**as.
Not to be confused with this legend:
For those women who are new in the community,  My friend Leah Bayaka has a guide for you. I added a little here and there but these are her thoughts and words from her years of experience dealing with men in the community: 

Things I wish a more experienced Sistah had told me when I was in my 20s.

This good word for the day is spoken from over 20 years of experience, as I am now a woman of a certain age……

But you are: Eager, young, willing to please, fired up to support the ‘movement’ and meet potential mates online or at conscious crew gatherings.


Here are the two different profiles for men in the conscious community:

The Conscious Con-Artist Profile:

*No verifiable income

*Can recite every biblical verse that supports European Patriarchy and feels that a real man doesn’t need a woman’s advice.


*A visionary who sounds like he has a plan to save the world.

*A proponent of polygamy so that he can brag to his card carrying crew members about the number of wives and unkempt youths he has and tells you he is supporting his 1st and 2nd wife who you’ve never spoken with to verify. 

*Discourages any questioning of his income or ability to care of you and possible children.

*Discourages any questioning of his master plan to “nation build”.

*A master of emotional manipulation, citing all the advantages black women have had all of these years.

*Always spotlighting the wrongs and inequities black people face while rarely offering , discussing or participating in concrete reality based solutions.


*Hates all Black American women, except you (so long as you are towing the party line) and venerates all women from South America or Africa…as long as they are fully dressed, dark-skinned and have natural hair.

*Spends a lot of time in the FB inboxes/DM’s of sistahs and preaching via his status updates.

*Spends a lot of time arguing and cursing out women on social media about his patriarchal status updates and views.

*Hates his mother but calls all other Black women Earths and Queens.

*lacks a good sense of humour and doesn’t know how to let loose and have fun.

*Discusses black issues and his melanin power 24/7 even though it may be in an inappropriate setting.

*Blames his poor lovemaking skills on black women being too demanding in bed or thinks just having “good dick” is enough.

*Doesn’t nurture and financially support his own children.

*disrespecting other women while in your company.

*Won’t deal with you fully until you fulfill x,y and z citing his own unproven adherence to said guidelines for worthiness.


The Possible, Might Could Consider, Awakened Man Profile:

*Actually has income through his own hustles or is working a day/night job while also pushing his side entrepreneurial hustle

* A proponent  of polygamy and has deeply considered the implications and chosen not to take on additional until he is satisfied he can support them all FINANCIALLY AS WELL AS EMOTIONALLY.

*Is supporting his current wife or wives and welcomes to you query them about this fact.

* Asks that his wife choose you first.

*Encourages your checking his businesses, job, side hustles, friends and family (wives)

*Encourages your input on the master plan and encourages you to pursue whatever hustle that fits your talents or supports your choice not to pursue outside hustle, but to raise children and support the family household in other, yet very important ways. 

*Realizes that the first nation to build is his family and once that foundation is solid, it will better prepare him to build anything outside of it.

*Emotionally mature and focused on his male runnings and goals; thereby having less time to sit on FB, Instagram or Twitter collecting inbox chicks.

*Seeks a woman’s advice knowing that she has a sixth sense and is a creator and nurturer by nature.

*Innerstands the cultural ills and trauma that face both Black American men AND women and chooses to highlight and create paths for black health, success, wellness and wealth.

*Knows how to enjoy life, let loose, be silly at times, plan dates and do things for you to let you know you are appreciated.

*Studies lovemaking and foreplay as an art and finds different ways on how to pleasure you sexually through study, diet, fitness and discipline.

*Appreciates the work and sacrifices his mother (and hopefully father) made to raise him.

*Proven track record of taking care of his children and other important responsibilities.

*Honors and treat other women well in his everyday life.

*Doesn’t just TALK BUT WALKS the life he preaches.


Prayerfully some young sistah somewhere who is being lured will read this, slow down, and take heed. 

There is no rush in these matters… get out of your ‘feelings’ for him and do what’s right for yourself, future youth and future plans.

Much Love,

Leah Bayaka



You can find her at www.leahbayaka.com doing black girl magic and other phenomenal things.


Peace, Power & Prosperity…

Are you being Divided & Conquered? : The Strategic Psychological Warfare Behind Racism

When most people think of racism or white supremacy, more often than not it is viewed from the lens of “this person doesn’t like me because I’m different” or “this person is evil and is out to oppress me and my people because we’re different” or “these people are the ones that hate and destroy different people” or “this is a myth and those people are lazy and making excuses”.

While in some cases these viewpoints are valid, reasonable and can be argued rationally, the fact remains that racism and the philosophy of white supremacy is real and has to have a source and reason for existing in society.

It is beyond simple bias and hatred because its effects are way beyond the subjective. The world is actually being run by these subjective concepts in objective reality.


Racism and white supremacy are two arms of a strategic psychological warfare implemented by those who guide society with an unseen hand.

But how is this being done? How does this WARFARE take place in the human PSYCHE first, before being played out globally?

To put it bluntly, Racism is a fictional social construct designed to divide and conquer humans based on culture, color, heritage and nationalism.  White Supremacy, also known as “Manifest Destiny“, is the foundation of modern capitalism, imperialism and exploitation worldwide.

“Manifest Destiny” became first and foremost a call and justification for an American form of imperialism, and neatly summarized the goals of the Mexican War. It claimed that America had a destiny, manifest, i.e., self-evident, from God to occupy the North American continent south of Canada (it also claimed the right to the Oregon territory including the Canadian portion). “Manifest Destiny” was also clearly a racial doctrine of white supremacy that granted no native American or nonwhite claims to any permanent possession of the lands on the North American continent and justified white American expropriation of Indian lands. (“Manifest Destiny” was also a key slogan deployed in the United States’ imperial ventures in the 1890’s and early years of the twentieth century that led to U.S. possession or control of Hawaii and the Philippine Islands.)
– Nationalhumanitiescenter.org

Manifest Destiny is the philosophy behind modern racism. It is a tactic of war.

It is the means for rich Caucasians to stay in control of resources, demonize those who are not Christian, manipulate public opinion and justify viewing and treating darker hued ethnic groups as inferior and thus validate their status as an underclass.

In reality, Racism is a survival tactic for and by Caucasians to ensure their genetic survival and perpetual global domination. It has NOTHING to do with prejudice, hatred, emotionalism, or like or dislike.  Those qualities are simply the by products of the white lie of white supremacy.

Without racism and white supremacy, the Caucasian would be eradicated solely due to evolutionary natural selection and Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Here’s how:

Caucasians are genetically recessive so when they breed children with someone from a darker skinned culture, the children automatically become darker in hue and take on the dominant cultures features. 

For instance, if a dark-skinned black man has a child with a Caucasian woman, the child will usually have curly hair, fuller lips and a darker hue then the mother. Then if the child grows up and breeds a child with another black person, that child will be even darker and posses more of the dark-skinned person’s genetics. Essentially, the Caucasian genetics will get overwritten by the dominant African genetic phenotype.

Science also shows that two black people can produce a Caucasian child or an albino but two Caucasians cannot produce a black or darker hued child. If those with African genetics continued interbreeding with Caucasians over generations then the Caucasian would eventually be like the dinosaurs and his history and legacy would become an exhibition in a museum of something that once was. (Ironically, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer may make that a reality)

So what is the warfare strategy that is being used on the subconscious mind of man?

The 1% who puppet master humanity use race, class, science-based reasoning and religion as social constructs of manipulation. Those bound by these social constructs think that they are better than other humans due to an egotistical ideological hierarchy and the natural quest for power. Power can be acquired through various means but DIVISION is the product pushed to the ignorant masses leading to a me vs them mentality. This is the precipice of warfare.

People with differing viewpoints are taught to stay among others who think and in some cases look similar to themselves while simultaneously shunning , berating and looking down on those who do not think or look the same. This develops a subconscious superiority complex played out in conscious actions and objective reality.

In other words, they teach you to hate and discriminate against others to feel better about yourself.

This complex negates the fact that people were raised in different environments, different schools, different cultures with different ideologies and ways of growing and learning.  It also ignores the fact that humans have the capacity to agree to disagree and have healthy competition among themselves despite outward or inward differences. People can create and buy and trade goods across class, racial, religious and social lines. People can learn from other cultures.

People can develop their own self-worth spiritually without making someone feel less than.

People are taught separation, supremacy and cultural division, primarily via the media and whitewashed educational institutions, so the masses can FEEL better about themselves while the wealthy white 1% is a unified collective whose focus is NOT on feelings but on power and the control of resources.


They focus on how to better exploit humanity through their differences. They focus on dumbing you down through the media and the public and private government-funded (by the 1%) educational system.

DIVIDE & CONQUER is the strategy used  by the 1% to perpetuate this confusion.

The solution: Judge each individual human based on what they do and who they are in relationship to you personally.  After all, poor and working class folks all over the world can relate to struggle and the will to survive, regardless of ethnicity.  Work on unlearning biases and prejudices based on skin color, culture and class. Reprogram your mind through repetition to view everyone as a new experience for YOU, unrelated to the pressure of GROUPTHINK.

Lets make Martin’s dream a reality and stop being loyal subjects of war.

Love Yourz…

Superman vs Lois Lane: The Rocky Relationship between Black Men and Black Women. Part 1

Many people will be rushing into the theaters to see fictional white men in tights battle each other for superhero supremacy in the DC comic book universe.

I will be watching as well but that’s not the point of this article. The point of this article is to show that Black men are fighting instead of SUPPORTING and LISTENING to their greatest ally: The Strong Black woman.


When we go into the movie theater we are bound to, at some point in the film, see Superman rescue Lois Lane.  Saving Lois is something that is consistent when you watch any Superman film past or present.

Depending on your level of perception, you could say it’s his DUTY. He MUST protect Lois Lane even if it means his own demise.

When you watch the Lois Lane character development over the years, you will notice that Lois usually has a bit of an attitude.

She is resourceful and a go getter. She talks sh*t with the best of them. She is about her business and is pretty fiery and aggressive. She will fearlessly tell a powerful supervillain to kiss her ass.

She is dare I say. ..a lil hood? Has a Black Woman’s attitude of strength and survival no matter the odds?

She is not humble, meek, dainty or reserved. She doesn’t seem like a homebody who wants to just breed children and cater to Clark Kent. She does not wait for Superman to save her and does not knowingly put herself in positions to be saved. She has her own career, makes her own money and is goal oriented and prideful. She is self aware and takes a back seat to no one. She is powerful and formidable on her own. She dates and sleeps with who she wants too,

Most importantly, when Clark Kent or Superman are not strong, she is there to REASSURE HIM of his power, strength, intelligence and bravery. She aids him with wisdom, nurture and love.

When she initially meets Clark Kent she sees him as a weak farm boy because he seems too timid, passive and unorganized. Yet she still helps him navigate metropolis after coming from Smallville, Kansas.
She LIKES Clark Kent but LOVES Superman for his demonstrative strength, power, courage and risk taking ability.

She wants her man to be a Superman in the universe as much as possible.

Lois Lane, based on the characteristics described, is a strong awakened Black Woman in whiteface.

The strong black woman who is awakened or is “conscious” fits all these Lois Lane attributes. Even the woman who has no knowledge of her culture but strives to do right by her man fits this bill.


As discussed earlier, Superman’s duty is to protect and rescue Lois Lane. Even after he fights Lex Luthor or any other Super Villain anywhere in the galaxy, his PRIMARY purpose is to make sure Lois Lane is safe and sound.

He would let anyone else die before he let’s Lois Lane gets harmed.

Black men, since the onset of the crack epidemic, have not protected black women.  I’m sure seeing the black family doing deplorable things with the goal of getting high has damaged our view of each other. However, with the crack era slowly fading away, the view on black women is almost the same as in the 1980’s and 90’s.


Let’s be honest. We call them Thots, Hoes, Chickenheads and bitches in our popular music and day to day conversation. We make music videos that show them as expendable. We value their beauty and bodies but not their worth, wisdom and opinions.

Let’s not forget the cultural “conscious” man  who views women as moons, earth’s but NEVER as the universe itself.

Dr. Umar Johnson, who is an intelligent orator that has gained popularity.  He,  like most good prosperity preachers, called a woman he was sleeping with a “maggot in life” and had this to say about black women’s hair choices in his hustlers….never being built…i mean…FDMG Academy:

“Unnatural hair will not be accepted on the FDMG campus. All Queens in training (K-12) must adhere to this rule. First infractions will result in a $500 fine to the parent or legal guardian. Your child will be expelled from school upon their second infraction. Unnatural hair includes perm, wig, weave, european hair colors, extensions, sew-ins, straightening comb, etc……” (Excerpt from 2016 Anna Douglass & Amy Garvey RBG Leadership Academy Parent & Princess  meeting)”

So now a woman’s hair choice is attacked by her “Superman” as well?  I mean look at what dude is making himself out to be:


I’ve heard popular “Black Power” posers…i mean “teachers” like Sara Suten Seti call a black woman a bitch simply for questioning him. Start at the 00:08:30 mark:

Then he says the Black Woman is God?? HUH??

Also, how many black women do you see on the popular (money making out the ass) lecture circuit delivering keynote addresses?  I do, however see them serving  serving food and vending, with “¾ of cloth” on of course.

Black men have hyper sexulazied a woman’s body to the point that if she shows some skin she gets negatively labeled, abrasively cat called and viewed as Babylonian harlot.  Even though indigenous African cultures used nudity in ritual and everyday life, most men with this cultural “conscious” knowledge still expect women to be fully clothed and associate that with being a respectful and honorable women.

After all, “Supermen” can’t control their own lust nowadays. Ain’t that right “King”?

Black men are becoming increasingly more violent, disrespectful and damaging to the black woman.  Perhaps because they, Black men are acting more like women themselves than SuperMAN!  Superman understands the difference between the sexes and does not respond with emotional pettiness towards women.  Neither does Superman ignore women but prioritizes and focuses on his role as protector, provider and lover.

Also, that confusion created by a man adopting  “feminine characteristics” is not only unnatural, but is a poor excuse for not getting jobs or providing financially for their women and children. Some even use the “white man/racism holding me down” as an excuse like women aren’t facing the same issues.

Not Superman like.

I’ve heard Black men talk so negatively about a Black Woman’s aggressive attitude (Lois lane has an attitude) to the point of calling Black Women all sorts of bitches and  animals. Yet, in the same breath Black men will call themselves Kings and Gods.

Black men on popular “reality” shows treat black women horribly. Even though these shows are scripted the storyline perpetuates the behavior of black women being mistreated by black men.  Repetition breeds memory and the more these shows are viewed by impressionable young male minds the more this behavior towards women will be emulated.

Black male fathers are blaming single black mothers for their sons becoming involved in street life,  gang activity and having effeminate ways.   These same “fathers” who should be the “Superman” of the community are cowards, mostly incarcerated, lack responsibility or are themselves effeminate.  Who could ignore that the women have had to play BOTH mommy and daddy and that UNBALANCE  has created a tide of low-life behavior.


Fortunately the Black women, our Lois Lane’s, still aim to take the Black man from the Clark Kent stage to Superman level.  Most still know that the Black man are “giants” and are willing to love and nurture their man in modern metropolis.

Black men we have to do better. Read this  Black men and get  ready because Part 2 will explain & decode how Black men are truly Supermen and how we can rescue our Black Lois Lane’s before it’s too late.

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