Why I don’t give a damn about #Altonsterling, #Philando Castille or #Blacklivesmatter

Before I go into this article I would like to honor the spirit of Alton Sterling and Philando with a candle and a moment of silence……
Now, here is why I don’t care……

You see, I’ve seen this scenario play out since the proliferation of cellular phone recordings over the last few years. In fact, black death is becoming  prime time media and water cooler fodder to be digested for about two weeks then discarded till the next shooting or news of a zoo gorilla caring for a precocious black kid.
It goes like this…
Black male/female does misdemeanor crime or minor questionable activity. White male/cop shoots or kills them in cold blood.
Conservative media says that’s what he gets for breaking the law/fighting back. Liberals call for peace, marches and prayer rallies. #blacklivesmatter hash tags take over the Internet. The victim’s name get hashtagged. Protests/Riots take place. People get arrested.
2 week conversation. Story dies down. Months go by. People move on.
After time passes and the anger and protests die down, police officer/murderer goes to court. Insert Al Sharpton.
NOT GUILTY is the verdict. The officers get rich from Gofundme.
The family gets a little over a million dollars in a city settlement agreement (sometimes).
Repeat cycle…..repeat cycle….repeat cycle….

I read a brief article and consciously decided not to watch any footage of the Alton Sterling shooting. I will not read any more articles about it. I will not watch the news ( which I barely do anyway). My social media interactions will be curated.  I will not take on this pain. I will not hash tag or wear a hoodie again (R.I. P Trayvon)
It sucks at my soul. I hate seeing black people get murdered. Most importantly I hate Black folks cowardly responses.
Here are the most popular.

#Blacklivesmatter is nothing more than a social media hashtag till popular news media moves on. Name me one substantial thing the black lives matter pseudo-movement has done to stop police brutality. Name me one thing it has done to stop killings in Chicago. Name me one inner city school that has improved by it. It may raise awareness but knowledge without action is stupidity.
I haven’t seen one law change or one innocent person receive justice due to the “movement” that moves nothing.
It’s a cute logo though.
All this was done and Trayvon Martin’s killer is walking around AND profiting from his death. I guess the gods old and new don’t love us black folk.
I used to bitch and complain myself till I realized that my life is my own and only i can change my life and environment. I realized i can beat the devil but i had to beat the one within FIRST, then spread that power i gained outward.
We complain too much about what the white man is doing to us. We talk too much about his perceived power. We men talk about him like he is a boogeyman. Unbeatable. Untouchable. The white man is a genius for making us feel that way. We shook. Scared to death and scared to look.
The white man is doing what he has been doing for 400 years. Hell, since he repurposed gunpowder. He is great at keeping a foot on your black ass neck, using you for financial gain and murdering you. This is what warfare is about. The whiteman may be the ultimate warrior.
We say “Let go and let god”
You don’t know how often I see posts on social media about the “evil” whiteman on …HIS…white owned and police monitored Facebook and Instagram.

Here is a simple question to my people:
Are we out thinking white men? Are we using some of their knowledge to become better?  Are we organizing, Are we stealing part of their legacy like they did ours? Do we see the white man as our competitors? Do we wanna compete? Do we really think the whiteman out thinks us on every level? Or are we whining and complaining like bitches???
Dr Claude has an answer:
Do we also utilize “silent weapons for quiet wars“? Do we produce our own propaganda? Do we have think tanks? Are we proactive? Are we really at war with them? Or do we get emotional and reactionary when the news tells us too?
Jill Scott has an answer.

The Dallas Shooter(s) and Black men:
Whether you think the Micah X Johnson event was real or it was fake doesn’t matter. It is irrelevant.
What matters is that Micah X (the govt/false flag etc for you conspiracy nuts) did more for the black family then Trayvon’s Martin’s dad did for his son, more than Mike Browns dad did for his son and the list goes on.
Tamir Rice and Akai Gurley don’t have men in their family??
Eric Garners wife is a lil hood. So was he.
No thugs in the family?
Black men believe in Jesus and other crucified saviors so much and are quick to go to churches and temples to hear how their “saviors” SACRIFICED THEIR LIVES for their sins for the whole human family but they wont dare die for their OWN  blood families. The irony.
We praise Malcolm, Marcus and Martin and don’t even realize they REALLY lived the life of Jesus by DYING for us!
In closing,
Until INJUSTICE is met with INJUSTICE by the men in the families of these victims, I will not take on their pain or trauma.
I refuse.
If their own fathers, uncles, and cousins aren’t willing to die for their own kin, I won’t cry or stress for them either.  If the men in these families won’t stand up, I’m not standing up or being emotional for them either. 
I CAN’t care about them because black men don’t care enough. We aren’t leading enough. We aren’t strategic enough. We aren’t courageous, proactive or bold enough. 
I empathize and I’m sympathetic but I will not take on the pain, trauma, stress and confusion of another criminal police shooting that will not lead to justice. It’s bad for my spirit. It kills my courage.
We’d rather talk about black women’s hair, Empire, how they behave, shame their bodies and call them bitches in our music and conversation. We seem to be more viscous online then in real life. We like safe rebellion like profile pics and meme. We like wearing purses and midriff shirts. 
But…I think the skirts are starting to fit better on black men. The tight pants are reflective of our state of being. The effeminate attitudes are the by products of our collective failings. 
Black lives don’t really matter to black men nowadays. We are becoming more lost, cowardly and underappreciated by the year day.
This is why I don’t care. By August, you’ll be over it. Sad but true. Maybe sooner.
You say your Kings, God’s, And Divine right?
Well … you will keep getting sacrificed for the world to see while the universe screams out “SHOW ME !!!
We didn’t learn from Trayvon. We didn’t.
The best thing to do is get a friend from every race and ethnicity and utilize them, their knowledge, perspective and resources to get ahead.  The best thing a black man can do is get a good, sharp business minded woman on his side, stfu and listen. More on that another time…
Niggas are scared of revolution. 
Peace, power & prosperity.
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Why Black people love begging and cheerleading for caucasian causes

An unbiased study of history and culture will inform anyone of moderate intelligence that the Black American in the United States has been treated worse than any other ethnic group worldwide.

Not only were blacks stolen from their homeland and stripped of their culture, language, religion, economics, social independence, self-determination and our own institutions of justice, they were also worked like beasts of the field and treated as such.  The social construct of slavery was supported by the scientific community of the time, while  interwoven into the fabric of American societal development. The very creation of Capitalism, as an economic apparatus, is due to the exploitation of black slave labor.

Black slave labor started the stock market, with black bucks being the stock of trade and this slave labor is the foundation of Wall Street. Black inventions were stolen and the creators uncompensated. Black music and culture was appropriated by whites and redistributed as white-faced. Burgeoning black businesses with thriving neighborhoods were burned to the ground and black people wanting home ownership were turned away due to a discriminatory practice called redlining. Black churches of worship were bombed and terrorized. Blacks were and are demonized in the news and popular culture and are faced with bias and prejudice in hiring practice and situations of upward mobility and advancement in the workplace.

Due to enslavement and the mental and physical ramifications of the culture of slavery, poverty was the inheritance of the black community .  Without items to trade, sell or barter; no culture of people can have a thriving economy. Without land to build on, no community can organize effectively and collectively to create currency. The generation of currency is the foundation of POWER  worldwide.

Image result for flint michigan water crisis

Make no mistake, land and the control of resources is the key to generational wealth.  For example, the family that owns your local utilities,  I.e.  electric or gas companies, will be wealthy until the sun burns out. This wealth enables the utility owners to purchase more land and resources which in turn leads to more POWER.

So why are black people so determined to go hard and stick up for the causes of other races and cultures? Even though these same races and cultures rarely or minimally support black causes? The short answer is : POWER.

We are often taught that “money is the root of all evil” and that “rich people don’t enter heaven” and all sorts of religious and psychological sorcery to keep us from obtaining the knowledge of economics, financial literacy and self-determination. The goal of big corporations, which are the 1% that control all the world’s resources, is to keep you a consummate consumer until you die. Work and buy, work more and buy more.

Since wealthy Caucasians , through western cultures psychological and physical warfare, conquered and dominated the world’s land and resources wielding almost unlimited POWER ; those with limited POWER worldwide basically just follow the leader. It goes back to the simple saying of “If you can’t beat em,  join em”.

Black people across the Diaspora have adopted a follow the leader, if you can’t beat em, join em mentality. We see no value in our own creativity and cultural impact. We are complacent with western culture bullying us. We have developed Stockholm syndrome.


Despite various examples of black cultural appropriation by popular media, despite the fact that America’s biggest and primary import is music and culture worldwide, despite blacks being the biggest consumers in America, despite the numerous black inventions that propelled America forward, despite the free labor that built the very foundation of American capitalism with black backs being the first currency, despite the black nanny’s that STILL raise European families, despite our music influencing culture across ethnic boundaries, despite the resources and richness of ancient and indigenous African societies like Egypt, Timbuktu, Kush and Ghana, despite African spirituality being the mother of all world religions, Despite Henrietta Lacks cells saving millions of lives daily……
…..lots of black people STILL would rather be a sidekick Robin to the white man’s Batman.

Due to mis-education , misinformation and plain old ignorance and apathy ; the black man in America sees his poverty and powerlessness as a source of pride. He revels in it and even makes struggle soundtrack’s to support this prideful poverty ideology.

He chooses not to upset the normalcy of white privilege for fear of no longer receiving the crumbs off the Caucasian table. Emotionally paralyzed by fear from seeing his leadership and fellow-man assassinated, incarcerated and police brutalized without recourse, he chooses to toe the line, smile and wave, stay humble, fit in, kiss ass and keep collecting his check for survival.

The unfortunate thing about this mentality is that Blacks are some of the most creative people on planet earth. We have the power to create and own our creations and the distribution of them. The game of shucking, jiving and living in fear is no longer necessary.

With the internet, you can go direct to consumer and capitalize without any middleman. The internet age and the access it gives is our way into financial POWER and the escape from poverty. Then, once capital has been acquired, the next step is land acquisition and then the purchase of political lobbyists and super pacs.

Dr. Claude Anderson has the answers.

Hip Hop was, and to some lesser degree still is, a model for how being creative can help blacks can employ their own. Hip hop started off as a force of black pride and was a means viable means of getting wealth. Many young men have saved themselves and their families by forming a music label, putting words over a beat and monetizing it. POWER.

We should become heroes (herus) for our own ethnicity and support our own causes and upliftment as passionately as we support others. As of this writing, the case of Sandra Bland, a black activist who was hung in her cell after a minor traffic dispute with an officer is making headlines. The LGBT community, who blacks support regularly, is silent. The overall women’s liberation and feminist movement, ( besides the black women) is silent. Women’s rights groups are silent.


We are taught to pray, march and look to white Jesus for a better afterlife. Either that, or we are advised that we have to “fit in” order to be successful. Black lives only seem to really matter to black people, while we passionately support other agendas in solidarity with other ethnic, civic and social groups that do token gestures (if that) to placate us.

It’s time we retake our power and become producers and consumers of our own products and creativity. It’s time that we use our wealth to buy land. It’s time that we create and financially support our own institutions. It’s time that we stop selling our brands that we create to people who don’t look like us. It’s time that we strategically boycott a specific company every time a Black person gets shot and killed by law enforcement unjustly. It’s time that we step up out of the Caucasian shadow and use our own creations, wealth and mindsets to gain POWER.

We must create more. We must be fearless.
We must create more. We must be fearless
We must create more. We must be fearless.
We must create more. We must be fearless.

Let us fight for us. Let’s own self and our creations.  As the hip hop group Onyx said:

“These evil streets is rough
Aint no one we can trust
Either roll to rush or get rushed
Cause all we got is us!!..

Be Powerful.

Dating While #Woke – What to look out for

Since the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Freddy Gray and Michael Brown, many black men and women are awakening to the uniqueness of their experience here in America and the whole African diaspora.
This is causing them to seek the answers to the why, when and how of things not only in America , but also those of ancestral past . They want to recreate the culture their ancestors lived and duplicate its customs.
They want to worship their ancient spiritual gods and goddesses. They want to dress like their ancestors. They want to eat like them.
They want to date others that are like-minded and on a similar path.
This is the path into the black conscious community dating pool.  Looking for a mate to share your path and newfound awareness.
However, like any community, there are those who are sincere and those who are faking and fronting. Egomaniacs. Cowards.  Wolves in sheep’s clothing. The personification of the Pharisees of Biblical lore.  
Black Women, more than any of us, have to be especially guarded when going in the black conscious community.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing that have beautiful words of wisdom and enlightenment to speak and are dressed in Afrocentric  garments to attract and then set a trap for you.  Some want to exploit you sexually, financially and emotionally with no regard for you, your children or well-being.
These are not the sincere seekers in the conscious community but what is now being called Hotep ni**as.
Not to be confused with this legend:
Image result for Hotep niggas
For those women who are new in the community,  My friend Leah Bayaka has a guide for you. I added a little here and there but these are her thoughts and words from her years of experience dealing with men in the community: 

Things I wish a more experienced Sistah had told me when I was in my 20s.

This good word for the day is spoken from over 20 years of experience, as I am now a woman of a certain age……

But you are: Eager, young, willing to please, fired up to support the ‘movement’ and meet potential mates online or at conscious crew gatherings.


Here are the two different profiles for men in the conscious community:

The Conscious Con-Artist Profile:

*No verifiable income

*Can recite every biblical verse that supports European Patriarchy and feels that a real man doesn’t need a woman’s advice.


*A visionary who sounds like he has a plan to save the world.

*A proponent of polygamy so that he can brag to his card carrying crew members about the number of wives and unkempt youths he has and tells you he is supporting his 1st and 2nd wife who you’ve never spoken with to verify. 

*Discourages any questioning of his income or ability to care of you and possible children.

*Discourages any questioning of his master plan to “nation build”.

*A master of emotional manipulation, citing all the advantages black women have had all of these years.

*Always spotlighting the wrongs and inequities black people face while rarely offering , discussing or participating in concrete reality based solutions.


*Hates all Black American women, except you (so long as you are towing the party line) and venerates all women from South America or Africa…as long as they are fully dressed, dark-skinned and have natural hair.

*Spends a lot of time in the FB inboxes/DM’s of sistahs and preaching via his status updates.

*Spends a lot of time arguing and cursing out women on social media about his patriarchal status updates and views.

*Hates his mother but calls all other Black women Earths and Queens.

*lacks a good sense of humour and doesn’t know how to let loose and have fun.

*Discusses black issues and his melanin power 24/7 even though it may be in an inappropriate setting.

*Blames his poor lovemaking skills on black women being too demanding in bed or thinks just having “good dick” is enough.

*Doesn’t nurture and financially support his own children.

*disrespecting other women while in your company.

*Won’t deal with you fully until you fulfill x,y and z citing his own unproven adherence to said guidelines for worthiness.


The Possible, Might Could Consider, Awakened Man Profile:

Image result for awakened black man

*Actually has income through his own hustles or is working a day/night job while also pushing his side entrepreneurial hustle

* A proponent  of polygamy and has deeply considered the implications and chosen not to take on additional until he is satisfied he can support them all FINANCIALLY AS WELL AS EMOTIONALLY.

*Is supporting his current wife or wives and welcomes to you query them about this fact.

* Asks that his wife choose you first.

*Encourages your checking his businesses, job, side hustles, friends and family (wives)

*Encourages your input on the master plan and encourages you to pursue whatever hustle that fits your talents or supports your choice not to pursue outside hustle, but to raise children and support the family household in other, yet very important ways. 

*Realizes that the first nation to build is his family and once that foundation is solid, it will better prepare him to build anything outside of it.

Image result for black women love black men
*Emotionally mature and focused on his male runnings and goals; thereby having less time to sit on FB, Instagram or Twitter collecting inbox chicks.

*Seeks a woman’s advice knowing that she has a sixth sense and is a creator and nurturer by nature.

*Innerstands the cultural ills and trauma that face both Black American men AND women and chooses to highlight and create paths for black health, success, wellness and wealth.

*Knows how to enjoy life, let loose, be silly at times, plan dates and do things for you to let you know you are appreciated.

*Studies lovemaking and foreplay as an art and finds different ways on how to pleasure you sexually through study, diet, fitness and discipline.

*Appreciates the work and sacrifices his mother (and hopefully father) made to raise him.

*Proven track record of taking care of his children and other important responsibilities.

*Honors and treat other women well in his everyday life.

Image result for black women love black men
*Doesn’t just TALK BUT WALKS the life he preaches.


Prayerfully some young sistah somewhere who is being lured will read this, slow down, and take heed. 

There is no rush in these matters… get out of your ‘feelings’ for him and do what’s right for yourself, future youth and future plans.

Much Love,

Leah Bayaka



You can find her at www.leahbayaka.com doing black girl magic and other phenomenal things.


Peace, Power & Prosperity…

Are you being Divided & Conquered? : The Strategic Psychological Warfare Behind Racism

When most people think of racism or white supremacy, more often than not it is viewed from the lens of “this person doesn’t like me because I’m different” or “this person is evil and is out to oppress me and my people because we’re different” or “these people are the ones that hate and destroy different people” or “this is a myth and those people are lazy and making excuses”.

While in some cases these viewpoints are valid, reasonable and can be argued rationally, the fact remains that racism and the philosophy of white supremacy is real and has to have a source and reason for existing in society.

It is beyond simple bias and hatred because its effects are way beyond the subjective. The world is actually being run by these subjective concepts in objective reality.


Racism and white supremacy are two arms of a strategic psychological warfare implemented by those who guide society with an unseen hand.

But how is this being done? How does this WARFARE take place in the human PSYCHE first, before being played out globally?

To put it bluntly, Racism is a fictional social construct designed to divide and conquer humans based on culture, color, heritage and nationalism.  White Supremacy, also known as “Manifest Destiny“, is the foundation of modern capitalism, imperialism and exploitation worldwide.

“Manifest Destiny” became first and foremost a call and justification for an American form of imperialism, and neatly summarized the goals of the Mexican War. It claimed that America had a destiny, manifest, i.e., self-evident, from God to occupy the North American continent south of Canada (it also claimed the right to the Oregon territory including the Canadian portion). “Manifest Destiny” was also clearly a racial doctrine of white supremacy that granted no native American or nonwhite claims to any permanent possession of the lands on the North American continent and justified white American expropriation of Indian lands. (“Manifest Destiny” was also a key slogan deployed in the United States’ imperial ventures in the 1890’s and early years of the twentieth century that led to U.S. possession or control of Hawaii and the Philippine Islands.)
– Nationalhumanitiescenter.org

Manifest Destiny is the philosophy behind modern racism. It is a tactic of war.

It is the means for rich Caucasians to stay in control of resources, demonize those who are not Christian, manipulate public opinion and justify viewing and treating darker hued ethnic groups as inferior and thus validate their status as an underclass.

In reality, Racism is a survival tactic for and by Caucasians to ensure their genetic survival and perpetual global domination. It has NOTHING to do with prejudice, hatred, emotionalism, or like or dislike.  Those qualities are simply the by products of the white lie of white supremacy.

Without racism and white supremacy, the Caucasian would be eradicated solely due to evolutionary natural selection and Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Here’s how:

Caucasians are genetically recessive so when they breed children with someone from a darker skinned culture, the children automatically become darker in hue and take on the dominant cultures features. 

For instance, if a dark-skinned black man has a child with a Caucasian woman, the child will usually have curly hair, fuller lips and a darker hue then the mother. Then if the child grows up and breeds a child with another black person, that child will be even darker and posses more of the dark-skinned person’s genetics. Essentially, the Caucasian genetics will get overwritten by the dominant African genetic phenotype.

Science also shows that two black people can produce a Caucasian child or an albino but two Caucasians cannot produce a black or darker hued child. If those with African genetics continued interbreeding with Caucasians over generations then the Caucasian would eventually be like the dinosaurs and his history and legacy would become an exhibition in a museum of something that once was. (Ironically, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer may make that a reality)

So what is the warfare strategy that is being used on the subconscious mind of man?

The 1% who puppet master humanity use race, class, science-based reasoning and religion as social constructs of manipulation. Those bound by these social constructs think that they are better than other humans due to an egotistical ideological hierarchy and the natural quest for power. Power can be acquired through various means but DIVISION is the product pushed to the ignorant masses leading to a me vs them mentality. This is the precipice of warfare.

People with differing viewpoints are taught to stay among others who think and in some cases look similar to themselves while simultaneously shunning , berating and looking down on those who do not think or look the same. This develops a subconscious superiority complex played out in conscious actions and objective reality.

In other words, they teach you to hate and discriminate against others to feel better about yourself.

This complex negates the fact that people were raised in different environments, different schools, different cultures with different ideologies and ways of growing and learning.  It also ignores the fact that humans have the capacity to agree to disagree and have healthy competition among themselves despite outward or inward differences. People can create and buy and trade goods across class, racial, religious and social lines. People can learn from other cultures.

People can develop their own self-worth spiritually without making someone feel less than.

People are taught separation, supremacy and cultural division, primarily via the media and whitewashed educational institutions, so the masses can FEEL better about themselves while the wealthy white 1% is a unified collective whose focus is NOT on feelings but on power and the control of resources.


They focus on how to better exploit humanity through their differences. They focus on dumbing you down through the media and the public and private government-funded (by the 1%) educational system.

DIVIDE & CONQUER is the strategy used  by the 1% to perpetuate this confusion.

The solution: Judge each individual human based on what they do and who they are in relationship to you personally.  After all, poor and working class folks all over the world can relate to struggle and the will to survive, regardless of ethnicity.  Work on unlearning biases and prejudices based on skin color, culture and class. Reprogram your mind through repetition to view everyone as a new experience for YOU, unrelated to the pressure of GROUPTHINK.

Lets make Martin’s dream a reality and stop being loyal subjects of war.

Love Yourz…

Superman vs Lois Lane: The Rocky Relationship between Black Men and Black Women. Part 1

Many people will be rushing into the theaters to see fictional white men in tights battle each other for superhero supremacy in the DC comic book universe.

I will be watching as well but that’s not the point of this article. The point of this article is to show that Black men are fighting instead of SUPPORTING and LISTENING to their greatest ally: The Strong Black woman.


When we go into the movie theater we are bound to, at some point in the film, see Superman rescue Lois Lane.  Saving Lois is something that is consistent when you watch any Superman film past or present.

Depending on your level of perception, you could say it’s his DUTY. He MUST protect Lois Lane even if it means his own demise.

When you watch the Lois Lane character development over the years, you will notice that Lois usually has a bit of an attitude.

famousfanboy: Lois Lane, Superman #14 (2012), Kenneth Rocafort. This is literally the best picture of Lois Lane I’ve ever seen. 

She is resourceful and a go getter. She talks sh*t with the best of them. She is about her business and is pretty fiery and aggressive. She will fearlessly tell a powerful supervillain to kiss her ass.

She is dare I say. ..a lil hood? Has a Black Woman’s attitude of strength and survival no matter the odds?

She is not humble, meek, dainty or reserved. She doesn’t seem like a homebody who wants to just breed children and cater to Clark Kent. She does not wait for Superman to save her and does not knowingly put herself in positions to be saved. She has her own career, makes her own money and is goal oriented and prideful. She is self aware and takes a back seat to no one. She is powerful and formidable on her own. She dates and sleeps with who she wants too,

Most importantly, when Clark Kent or Superman are not strong, she is there to REASSURE HIM of his power, strength, intelligence and bravery. She aids him with wisdom, nurture and love.

When she initially meets Clark Kent she sees him as a weak farm boy because he seems too timid, passive and unorganized. Yet she still helps him navigate metropolis after coming from Smallville, Kansas.
She LIKES Clark Kent but LOVES Superman for his demonstrative strength, power, courage and risk taking ability.

She wants her man to be a Superman in the universe as much as possible.

Lois Lane, based on the characteristics described, is a strong awakened Black Woman in whiteface.

The strong black woman who is awakened or is “conscious” fits all these Lois Lane attributes. Even the woman who has no knowledge of her culture but strives to do right by her man fits this bill.


As discussed earlier, Superman’s duty is to protect and rescue Lois Lane. Even after he fights Lex Luthor or any other Super Villain anywhere in the galaxy, his PRIMARY purpose is to make sure Lois Lane is safe and sound.

He would let anyone else die before he let’s Lois Lane gets harmed.

Black men, since the onset of the crack epidemic, have not protected black women.  I’m sure seeing the black family doing deplorable things with the goal of getting high has damaged our view of each other. However, with the crack era slowly fading away, the view on black women is almost the same as in the 1980’s and 90’s.


Let’s be honest. We call them Thots, Hoes, Chickenheads and bitches in our popular music and day to day conversation. We make music videos that show them as expendable. We value their beauty and bodies but not their worth, wisdom and opinions.

Let’s not forget the cultural “conscious” man  who views women as moons, earth’s but NEVER as the universe itself.

Dr. Umar Johnson, who is an intelligent orator that has gained popularity.  He,  like most good prosperity preachers, called a woman he was sleeping with a “maggot in life” and had this to say about black women’s hair choices in his hustlers….never being built…i mean…FDMG Academy:

“Unnatural hair will not be accepted on the FDMG campus. All Queens in training (K-12) must adhere to this rule. First infractions will result in a $500 fine to the parent or legal guardian. Your child will be expelled from school upon their second infraction. Unnatural hair includes perm, wig, weave, european hair colors, extensions, sew-ins, straightening comb, etc……” (Excerpt from 2016 Anna Douglass & Amy Garvey RBG Leadership Academy Parent & Princess  meeting)”

So now a woman’s hair choice is attacked by her “Superman” as well?  I mean look at what dude is making himself out to be:


I’ve heard popular “Black Power” posers…i mean “teachers” like Sara Suten Seti call a black woman a bitch simply for questioning him. Start at the 00:08:30 mark:

Then he says the Black Woman is God?? HUH??

Also, how many black women do you see on the popular (money making out the ass) lecture circuit delivering keynote addresses?  I do, however see them serving  serving food and vending, with “¾ of cloth” on of course.

Black men have hyper sexulazied a woman’s body to the point that if she shows some skin she gets negatively labeled, abrasively cat called and viewed as Babylonian harlot.  Even though indigenous African cultures used nudity in ritual and everyday life, most men with this cultural “conscious” knowledge still expect women to be fully clothed and associate that with being a respectful and honorable women.

After all, “Supermen” can’t control their own lust nowadays. Ain’t that right “King”?

Black men are becoming increasingly more violent, disrespectful and damaging to the black woman.  Perhaps because they, Black men are acting more like women themselves than SuperMAN!  Superman understands the difference between the sexes and does not respond with emotional pettiness towards women.  Neither does Superman ignore women but prioritizes and focuses on his role as protector, provider and lover.

Also, that confusion created by a man adopting  “feminine characteristics” is not only unnatural, but is a poor excuse for not getting jobs or providing financially for their women and children. Some even use the “white man/racism holding me down” as an excuse like women aren’t facing the same issues.

Not Superman like.

I’ve heard Black men talk so negatively about a Black Woman’s aggressive attitude (Lois lane has an attitude) to the point of calling Black Women all sorts of bitches and  animals. Yet, in the same breath Black men will call themselves Kings and Gods.

Black men on popular “reality” shows treat black women horribly. Even though these shows are scripted the storyline perpetuates the behavior of black women being mistreated by black men.  Repetition breeds memory and the more these shows are viewed by impressionable young male minds the more this behavior towards women will be emulated.

Black male fathers are blaming single black mothers for their sons becoming involved in street life,  gang activity and having effeminate ways.   These same “fathers” who should be the “Superman” of the community are cowards, mostly incarcerated, lack responsibility or are themselves effeminate.  Who could ignore that the women have had to play BOTH mommy and daddy and that UNBALANCE  has created a tide of low-life behavior.


Fortunately the Black women, our Lois Lane’s, still aim to take the Black man from the Clark Kent stage to Superman level.  Most still know that the Black man are “giants” and are willing to love and nurture their man in modern metropolis.

Black men we have to do better. Read this  Black men and get  ready because Part 2 will explain & decode how Black men are truly Supermen and how we can rescue our Black Lois Lane’s before it’s too late.

Are Reality Shows Making Women Stupid? Here’s what Science Says

Drama and recklessness has been and always will be entertaining in some form or fashion. We all like to peer into someones life and enjoy a laugh or two.
Who wouldn’t want to look into the lives of celebrities who are living a lifestyle most of us dream about?
That is not the problem with Reality Shows.

The main problem with Reality Shows is that they’re labeled as “Reality”.

Let’s look at Webster’s dictionary and the etymology of the word “Real”.  It means:  Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not IMAGINED or SUPPOSED.

Here’s a little secret. Reality shows have nothing to do with actual reality. Its all scripted and staged. Its fake.

 Don’t believe me? Watch this:

The fact is that behind the scenes in the REAL world of showbiz, these reality stars  are prodded and manipulated and then they’re placed in settings conducive to the causation of fistfights and other ratchet /classless ass behavior.

Its a well produced product of influence, designed to stir up intense feelings within the viewer and instigate problems among the shows cast mates.


It also subtly introduces self hate as well, with plastic surgery either being done or a plastic surgeon consultation visit shown in at least one episode per season, per reality show.

Not to mention the fighting, yelling and destruction of property in upscale venues.

However, scientific studies do show that violent Reality Shows make the viewer MORE aggressive than if they would have watched a violent drama or movie.

Imagine a black person – or anyone for that matter – coming to America and turning on the TV at 8 pm and stumbling upon VH1 on a Monday evening? 

What impression do you think this would leave on a person about BLACKS or ITALIANS in America ?

What impression do you think it leaves about WOMEN in America?

How about the CHILDREN who watch this every week, sometimes with their own parents?   Influencing young girls think they need fake lashes, nails and weave.

This is ridiculous but becoming the norm among children. Wonder why?:

One Columbia University study started in 1960, measured the effects of violent TV on over 500 people from childhood to adulthood and stated:

“Perhaps the most path-breaking early result concerned the discovered relation between early TV violence viewing and later aggression. This finding has had a substantial impact on the field’s understanding of the reality of observational learning as well as on social policy. Additionally, we have found moderate continuity in aggression from age 8 to age 48 for both for males and for females”

The problem with Reality television is when the mind of the youth or adult think its “REAL” and not just another scripted show like The Game, Power, Empire or even Martin. Cognitive development becomes affected and flawed decision making occurs.


  • that “real” people become happy by focusing on their appearance and to be successful, personal image, even at a young age, should be laced with sexuality. Ex Kylie Jenner:
  • That wanton materialism, partying all the time and promiscuous sex are “real” and acceptable behavior for women.
  • That to be “real” you have to gossip, back-stab and behave aggressively, condescending and brutal towards each another.Image result for bad girls club sex
  • That being unintelligent is cool and makes you more “real”. 

Unfortunately this false reality often becomes true reality, due to the brain being essentially a pattern making machine, and the cast mate’s ignorant behavior then becomes emulated by the viewer , producing a GMO human, clucking constant drama and fuckery like a beakless chicken in real time.

Remember, repetition is the key to memory and watching these shows on a weekly basis are damaging your brain and reinforcing your OWN behavior SUBCONSCIOUSLY in various ways.

Reality show overindulgence is creating a legacy of Robot Chickens, doing the involuntary bidding of promoting racial and social stereotypes; not exclusive to, but most often about people of color.

Not to mention adding bodies to the prison industrial complex by those who copy this ratchet/wretched behavior in real life settings, thinking the consequences of these actions will be as minor as the one on the show.
There is nothing wrong with watching television but watching these images on a regular repetitive basis is damaging to your mental and emotional health.
Turn off the television and learn more. Choose smarter programming. Find your passion, work at it and follow it. Elevate yourself and your family. Don’t be a Robot chicken head
I’ll let Project Pat tell it..
Peace Power & Prosperity…..
Bonus Stuff:

33 Commandments to Reverse the Death of Black Manhood

Black manhood is not the way it used to be.  Black men are getting more feminine as years pass.

With alot of black men dying or incarcerated and reality television stereotypes of black manhood, it would seem as if all hope is lost.

Well, here are some rules that every black man should follow to re-awaken their manhood and regain our glory.


1. Thou shall not say “yasss” , “hunty”, ” throwing shade” or say anything ” gave them life” unless they are gay.

2. Thou shall not be without a checking and savings account.


3. Thou shall not argue with their woman like a woman for he knows a woman’s voice is HER power and HIS power is in silent action.

4. Thou shall not neglect education and the acquisition of self-knowledge.

5. Thou shall not make excuses for not making currency in either an entrepreneurial endeavor or hired labor.

6. Thou shall not look down upon and demonize black youth. One should encourage, guide and uplift.

7. Thou shall not marry and take the wife’s last name.

8. Thou shall not be an unbalanced feminist and minimize the man’s role in society and family.


9. Thou shall not bleach or lighten their skin.

10. Thou shall not perm, blond or relax their hair.

11. Thou shall not practice Afrocentrism in white owned institutions of employment.  Soldiers wear camouflage for a reason.

12. Thou shall not say any female of another race is better than the black woman.

13. Thou shall not support any cause/politician/group or religion that doesn’t support, honor and fight for the human rights of black people

14. Thou shall not adopt terminology associated with LGBT culture unless one is gay or lesbian. See #1.

15. Thou shall not watch ratchet reality shows unless it’s to critique, analyze and educate

16. Thou shall not watch or endorse media that portray us in an unfavorable way

17. Thou shall not trust the television news media, magazines, newspapers,  TMZ, Mediatakeout, Worldstarhiphop or any other website that promotes lies, false imagery , fear and the infighting and overall destruction of our people.

18. Thou shall not think they are conscious, awakened or have Knowledge of Self because they have African clothing, jewelry, medallions, tattoos, books, knowledge of history and black culture etc.

19. Thou shall not seek approval from white culture for black character and creativity, no matter how it’s viewed by white culture

20. Thou shall not wear clothing specifically made for women like dresses, skirts, blouses, bras, panties etc.

21. Thou shall not call white people niggas unless one expects to be called a nigger by the same white person


22. Thou shall not neglect their health, diet or physical fitness

22. Thou shall not walk by their neighbors without saying hello when you pass them

23. Thou shall not demonize psychotherapy and those who use it to heal

24. Thou shall not physically, emotionally or mentally abuse women

25. Thou shall not neglect their spirituality and daily personal growth

26. Thou shalt not fall victim to cults of personality and shall critically analyze all leaders and movements

27. Thou shalt not think they know it all when new things are discovered daily

28. Thou shall not think the ghetto is a place of black pride

29. Thou shall not look down on so-called pagan spiritual divination systems which originated in Africa

30. Thou shall not neglect or abandon their children regardless of the children’s mothers behavior or attitude


31. Thou shall not be one who doesn’t own at least one pair of dress shoes and a suit and tie.

32. Thou shall not be without a passport

33. Thou shall not depend on the system of white privilege to employ you, feed you, create jobs for you, give you justice in his courts, create institutions for your benefit, educate you or your family, give you shelter, show you Gods way, support your dreams, heal you, love you or stop trying to destroy you overall by any means necessary.

Let’s get back to greatness!

Why the Ashy Conscious Hoteps Hate Beyonce

Sometimes it’s not good to do good to some people.

Some people are used to drama and pain because that’s all they know and if you show them kindness they will attack you for it or try to take advantage of your extending hand. They aren’t used to goodness and don’t know how to appreciate it.

You can give them a dollar and they say “Shit, He got it, He should have gave me ten dollars” . Or, you help them move all day and they say “Damn, she could have at least helped me unpack too”.  You know those people. Nothing is ever good enough and if you do one right thing they find five that you did wrong.

Ungrateful and want to take advantage of your kindness. SMH.

Let’s get into Beyonce’s AMAZING half time show at Superbowl 50.

Beyonce’s performance was excellent. She came out in all black and had her dancers dressed like female members of The revolutionary Black Panther Party who’s slogan was “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”. You know, the group that probably is the reason your kid is eating free lunch at school.

The Superbowl is the nations top televised sporting event and Bey chose the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party, highlight the #Blacklivesmatter movement and bring attention to the death of Mario Woods in California. Powerful.

She even channeled Micheal Jackson.


I was impressed and i’m not even a Beyonce fan. She showed a willingness to put her money and fame on the line to promote the struggle for Blacks in America and endure the criticism from the establishments of racism . SHE DID THIS ON THE BIGGEST STAGE IN AMERICA!!!

As i logged on to social media following morning i expected to see  so called “conscious” Black Americans happy as hell that:

A. Beyonce is waking up or

B. Beyonce did this for US in Black America!

But no. The Hoteps/Conscious community was NOT HAPPY. How disappointing it was to see the anger and vitriol  about Beyonce doing the RIGHT THING FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!

Is it because she wasn’t wearing 3/4th’s of cloth and a Kufi?

Ans: Yes, she was half naked. So was your momma when she had you and so are most indigenous African women. Even in traditional African ritual the women are scantily clad.

Is it because she has a blond weave?

Ans: She does. But again, youre momma or auntie might have one on now. Does this make her less black?

Is it because she doesn’t speak up about every single issue that black people want her too?

Ans: Singing is her job. The stage her workplace. Do you have #Blacklives matter stuff all over your cubicle?. Did you organize the people in your office to pray for Freddie Gray?

Nothing is good enough for those who do nothing. They don’t appreciate kindness. They spit on hands that help pull them up.

When she went to the march for Trayvon during the Zimmerman trial, the Black conscious community accused her of trying to steal attention from the seriousness of Trayvon’s death. So she slid to the background, stopped going to marches, but donated millions of dollars to #BlackLivesMatter and her and Jay Z were bailing out  protesters during the Baltimore Uprising. But the conscious community got mad and said she was just throwing money and not using her celebrity to bring light to the issues.


So now she performs at the Superbowl, the most viewed television moment of every year, with the Black Panthers as her backup dancers, fist in the damn air. She’s using her celebrity in a very public way to support blackness, and now y’all saying she just doing it for publicity?

Do you really think Beyonce needs to do a publicity stunt when she drops albums out of nowhere, with no promotion, that go multi platinum?  Seriously?

Remember this?

She’s been here the whole time and the black community has been attacking every effort she makes. Every. Single. One.

She should have done another catchy jingle song that she normally does and wouldn’t have to deal with this backlash from cretins like this……

It’s so sad that so many “conscious” people want to discredit what Beyonce is doing because of what she’s not doing.

Seemingly discrediting her because either she also supports gay rights or just simply don’t look the “Natural” part.

This lady not only financially supports black causes but risked alienating her most lucrative audience to make a statement on behalf of her own black Americans.

Yet these same people judging and ridiculing do nothing but look the part and sound the part but make no difference. Reminds me of many Baptist preachers. Just because you may feel like you need to rock a Afro in order to be proud of being black, many don’t.

Watching Hidden Colors twice a week, creating memes,  eating a alkaline diet while wearing your dashiki will not set your people free. You like style over substance. Stop wasting so much time being rebellious and be EFFECTIVE.

Mario Woods family must be ecstatic…

You conscious Hoteps hate Beyonce right? Tell me what YOU’RE doing that equals what Beyonce did at that Superbowl??? 

I’ll wait..

Be CONSCIOUS of the fact that being pro black is just that, being pro black and not a Afro or being a Hidden Colors enthusiasts … put your money, time and life on the line for your people and stop idolizing self severing rebellion. 


Get in Formation!!!!


7 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Pussy: Part 1

Sex is amazing. It feels awesome and the health benefits are great. However, alot of men aren’t having sex regularly and because of this they hate women and blame them for their inability to have sex.  Men have shot up their colleges because of this.
I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be alone on Friday or Saturday nights playing video games and watching Netflix. In my experience, these simple things hinder some men and put them in the friend zone or worse: They get no pussy.

1. You’re a lame.

The common misconception that non pussy getters have is that they are too nerdy, different or straight-laced for women. Being a lame has nothing to do with being a nerd or a square. In fact, nerds and squares get a lot ofpussy strictly of intelligence and stability, two things women find attractive. However, a nerd or square can be a lame if he lacks drive and ambition.

A lame is an individual that is lazy, has no ambition, doesn’t go for what he wants, lacks courage and doesn’t have knowledge of himself and others.  A lame would rather sit on the couch, watch TV, play video games or watch porn,  rather than study female behavior and enhance their conversational skills by taking risks with women. A lame is quiet and on his smartphone in a room full of women, making eye contact and convo with none.
A lame friend of mine used to always ask me “Does she have any friends?” when he saw me bringing women to my house. I agreed to have a get together at her home with some of her friends. Guess what? He  meets the friends, one finds him attractive and he repays my matchmaker job by being quiet as a church mouse. Smh.

The other things lame say is that “she doesn’t want me, she  wants a thug, bad boy, gangster etc”. “She doesn’t want a nice decent guy”. This is falsehood and an excuse for you not being assertive.

Now there are women who like to be treated like less than women. Some even don’t think they are loved unless they are  abused in some way. In my experience these women aren’t the majority and usually can be evaluated by the way they treat and speak to you.

Everyone, regardless of gender, likes to be around people who are confident, brave and bold. People like people who take charge and get things done without excuses or apologies. People like people who are sure of themselves and embrace their dark side. Basically, people like people who are true and real about who they are and present all sides of themselves proudly.

Bravery and confidence are aphrodisiacs for women. This is why winners always get the girl. This is why entertainers have groupies. This is why Supermen have Lois Lanes. They went for what they wanted, was bold enough to present their talent to the world and achieved something.

Lames let life pass them by instead of manning up and taking control of it and manipulating it to his will. Control your destiny. Read books on women. Get out of the house and off the internet, unless your on the internet researching female behavior. You need to put your feet in the water.  Be bold and courageous. You have testicles and testosterone, not ovaries and estrogen. Let your nuts hang.

The best opening line with a woman? Saying hello with a smile on your face.

2. You have no sense of humor.

The saying ” laughter is the best medicine” isn’t around for no reason. Laughter is also one of the best preliminaries to panty dropping in history .

Having a sense of humor is one of the best assets you can have in lowering a woman’s guard and getting her to be more comfortable and open up to you. People in general enjoy hanging around other happy people who in turn can make them smile.(statistics) Laughter is contagious and makes this cold world we live in a little warmer.

I remember talking to a lady but I could tell she was a little hesitant to talk about sex. So I asked a question. ” Mary, would you say having sex with you is like going to great adventure, splish splash or Disney’s world on ice?. She laughed hard and said splish splash. I said ” Good lawd, lemme get my scuba gear ready”. She laughed again.

The next night I was in her bed with her wiping me down with the warm rag. Humor works.

3. You look and smell like shit.

Another popular saying is ” If you look good, you feel good”. This is true. Who doesn’t like being complimented on a nice outfit or accessory? (Sidebar: Women like this too)

The popular saying for a man who dresses well and has confidence is that he has swag aka swagger.. The man who’s confident doesn’t necessarily have to dress well, but it makes it easier to attract women if your outfit is put together nicely.  Women love to see a well-groomed man and appreciate a man who looks good in what he wears.

Hit the gym. Stay in shape. Eat healthy. Working out will increase your stamina in bed and stimulate the production of testosterone. You will also have a greater sex drive. Not to mention the fact that women love a well-built man.

Women also love a man that smells good. Get some cologne that works for your body type. You can always get free samples from Sephora to test. Shower regularly.

Swag aka swagger is important because if you’re not having sex than you need to stand out more than the average guy. You are basically making yourself more marketable for pussy. Women love to show off their man and this is one way to keep getting new pussy as well. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money with Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Macy’s clearance rack and thrifting.

Have at least two suits and two pair of dress shoes. Know or learn how to tie a tie.

I remember a woman saying she slept with an ugly guy cause he always had on nice jeans. Nice jeans??!! Hey, it got him some pussy. Do you have on some nice jeans?

4. You’re not well-rounded.

A man has to be a Swiss army knife. He should know how to do various things around the house, car and beyond. He should also be able to have a discussion about a broad range of topics. The broader range of knowledge that you have equals the broader the choice of women you can attract and bed.

One thing all women love, even the uneducated ones, is an educated man. Intelligence is sexy. People want people they can learn and grow from. This is why nerds and squares have sex.

Beautiful women have heard they are beautiful all their life. Do and say things that are out of the ordinary. What are you saying that’s different? How are you stimulating them mentally? Can you put up a bookshelf? Change a tire? What’s the last book you read? Do you follow current events? World events?

I once was talking to this woman about where she got her bracelet from at a bar. Turns out she got it from Ghana and I was able to discuss some history about Mansa Musa that she didn’t even know. Before you know it she’s so engaged in the discussion she ended up drinking and I ended up having a one night stand.

I can’t tell you the amount of times i got laid simply by speaking well and displaying wisdom and a command of knowledge. Become knowledgeable and the world will open up for you.

Knowledge is pussy power.

5. You talk to much and don’t listen enough.

Some men have an ego the size of a small continent. They brag and boast about every single thing that has happened to them and that they have accomplished. So much so, that they have no time to listen to what a woman is actually saying.

Don’t get me wrong. Accomplishments are great and something to be proud of. They should be cherished and honored. The business you conduct and the going about of your daily life are also things that can be used to stimulate conversation, which in turn make you more interesting. Interesting people get laid.

The problem is when ALL you do or say is about yourself and your interest and acquisitions. Women hate when they can’t get a word in during a discussion.

The one thing women love to do is talk and express themselves. Women are very communal and if they have a problem they are more apt to discuss it with their girlfriends, more so than men discuss problems and issues with their guy friends.

If you ask questions that are interesting and unique,(see: you’re not well-rounded) all you really have to do is sit back and learn her likes, dislikes and hobbies. It also gives you insight into her state of mind. Knowing these things helps you to relate to the woman of your interest and if you have things in common it will draw her closer too you.

Women will tell you what they want and when. Just listen.

6. You don’t have any manners or chivalry.

Opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, putting your woman on the inside of the street while walking, letting her place her order in a restaurant first or even ordering for her, holding her hand while walking up steps : These are all basics of chivalry.

Contrary to popular opinion, showing you have manners and are chivalrous has the effect of weakening the barriers that women put up upon engaging with you. It doesn’t make you a sucker or soft, in fact, none of these actions cost a dime!

Women usually have some reservation upon meeting a man, even if they find them attractive. The goal is to break through any reservations that she has and get her comfortable enough to open up to you.

We all like being treated special. We all love to be spoiled in some way. It doesn’t matter your gender. The point is to stand out among  other men and to let a woman know you have the ability and willingness to treat her special, worthwhile and differently then the previous assholes she encountered.

You’ll be surprised how much pussy you can get just by holding a woman’s hand while you cross the street. Yes she can cross on her own. But why not be different  and show her you’re willing to protect her?

7. You haven’t healed from your Ex .

If you’re still treating women like the lyrics you heard from an N.W.A or Future album then you are either immature, a fuckboy, or have been hurt by a woman and never took time to heal. Most of the time its the latter or those misogynistic lyrics wouldn’t resonate that much with you.

The value of being a woman is that they have a network of other women that they can run their problems by and get counseling on how to handle and process their pain. Men generally do not have that.
Men tend to keep things in and not show emotion because male pain and emotions  are seen as weaknesses by the unseasoned observer. All that “boys don’t cry” stuff we are taught early on is significant influence in how we process hurt and pain.

Males usually just move on to another woman and may subsequently start treating women like dirt because hurt people hurt people. Its easier to use and discard women rather than genuinely connect with someone and be hurt again.

However, this does not have to be the case because doing that also limits your ability to attract genuine women which in turn leads to more pain and loneliness in the long run. You can talk to a platonic female friend about the issues you had with women who hurt you. You can talk to a counselor or psychiatrist. You can write about your experience and see what you’ve learned and allow yourself to love again.

The pain of a love lost can be processed  but it does take time. Contrary to popular belief, Men take longer to heal from heartbreak then women do. You have to process what she did wrong in the relationship and forgive her genuinely and process what you did wrong in the relationship and improve on it for the next relationship. If you have to mentally go back to that 1st girl who ever hurt you, go back.

Getting hurt in a relationship never killed anyone. Nor will it kill you if it happens again. In fact each heartbreak is a learning experience and to avoid it is to avoid life’s greatest joy. Love is an amazing bonding emotion and to give that to another human is one of the greatest things you can do.

The saying is true: it is better to have love and lost then to never love again. You grow from your mistakes.

If you enjoyed this subscribe and i hope you have so many  offers that you’re turning pussy down left and right. Part 2 coming Soon. …
Amy Winehouse has some tips for you too……

#Oscarssowhite: Is a Boycott the answer and if not what is ? …

I recently read a Facebook post where someone said their grandma told them  ” Don’t go and try to play with people when they don’t want you to play with them, find people who like you and want to play with you or play alone till you find your own”

Grandma was right and full of good wisdom. She probably makes a sweet potato pie better than Patti LaBelle’s but i digress…

Jada Pinkett Smith said some powerful and controversial quotes recently in a Facebook Video:

She said things like  “Maybe its time that we recognize that if we love and respect and acknowledge ourselves in the way in which we are asking others to do then that is the place of true power” 

 “Begging for acknowledgement or even asking diminishes dignity and diminishes power”

 “Taking back our resources and putting back into our communities”  

These are all philosophies of self-determination that i agree with and admire.

And to be fair, Jada Pinkett Smith has done her share of charity work for black communities and women and has also invested in black businesses such as Carols Daughter. She has always aimed to inspire through her work.

The unfortunate part is she was ONLY talking about the Oscar Award Ceremony, which makes it look like she is upset that her husband didn’t get nominated for his stellar movie Concussion, even though he was nominated for a Golden Globe.  The timing couldn’t have been worse.

But could it be that maybe she got fed up with the stereotypical roles blacks DO ACTUALLY win Oscars for. Maybe she got tired of seeing  all the black winners going to actors portrayed as bed wenches for white men (Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball) or corrupt cops who terrorize impoverished black communities (Denzel Washington in Training Day)  or slave mistresses (Lupita N’yongo in12 Years a Slave) or abusive mothers (Mo’ Nique in Precious) but maybe that’s just my viewpoint. Even though its true.

The Academy doesn’t give a fuck though.


She never called for a boycott as the media portrayed, but her words stirred a lot of anger and vitriol. People were up in arms. How dare she challenge the system of Hollywood that got her those riches in the first place? Even Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air weighed in blasting :
I wont play the divide and conquer game that is so eloquently playing out on various social media platforms because both women are both making valid points. Aunt Viv is saying  how do you boycott a system that  made you and your family rich and discourage others for wanting to achieve those same riches?
 Ms. Hubert is speaking from a race and class perspective and the struggle to even make it in White Hollywood.  For instance, did YOU the reader boycott your job when George Zimmerman got acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin? I thought not.
What is needed is a solution to the problem of Black People not being the DECISION MAKERS in mainstream media or award shows.
Here is a solution to #Oscarssowhite controversy that Will and Jada could spearhead:
1. Create an Award show Not just for people of color and include ALL races.
2. Make sure you OWN the show and any intellectual property.
3. Hire a Caucasian president, similar to the Black woman president the Academy has to promote “diversity” but make sure people of color make ALL the decisions.
4. Make sure the show is all inclusive and call it  ” The Smith’s Awards” !. You don’t want to make it the Jerome or the Tarik Awards because that would segment the viewers and people involved which would also segment the money and revenue opportunities by making it just a “black” awards show.
5. When you win you can now say you won a “Smith ” instead/or/AND an Oscar.
6. Black people know how to produce and put on a great show. Reginald Hudlin is currently a black producer for the Oscars. Chris Rock will be the host for the 2016 show. Nuff Said.
MTV has a Video music award show AND a movie award show.  Obviously the people who felt a certain way about the Oscarsaward winners and decided to do their own thing on their own network for the demographic of young whites .
Black folk can do it too and NOT do it on BET.
Will it be on Revolt? OWN? Aspire?  The Internet?  Time will tell.
Bollywood did it and now they are getting that good old Arab Money. Will Black America? Time will tell.

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