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 “If you can’t get money on an earth this big/You worthless kid/Don’t even deserve to live” – Cam’ron

Thirst Trapping is a hobby for some and an ego boost for others. The rise of social media has prompted people to do various things for attention, likes and that hit of dopamine.

Let’s start with the most famous thing. TWERKING.

Ah…. The infamous twerk.

We’ve all seen someone doing it while casually scrolling through Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and other social media.

Whether we love it or hate it, the booty bouncing phenomenon is here to stay.

Personally I like twerking but that’s not the point of this article. But, if you wanna inbox me a twerk video, I won’t be offended (winks)

Twerkings origin has been traced back to black women in West Africa. It’s since been appropriated by other cultures ( like almost everything else black people create) and been popularized. This dance craze really started exploding into the mainstream around 2013 when Miley Cyrus uploaded a YouTube video doing the dance.

(Miley Cyrus is kind of the worst twerker ever and you REALLY need some sort of ass meat to twerk respectfully and Lil  Miley has a tailbone for an ass but that’s besides the point)

Twerking does take skill and there are hundreds of YouTube videos of people either trying to Twerk or successfully bouncing that ass proper.

Another thing you see on social media are naked and half-naked selfies. They usually get a ton of likes or hearts if the woman is attractive or shapely.


I’ve even seen people actually have SEX on Facebook live for free. Yes, full on naked penetrative sex.  I’ve seen this more then once.

Why would someone have sex live on social media ??? I have NO clue but THAT is the point of this article.

All these things are affectionately called THIRST TRAPS.

THIRST TRAPS are the random twerk videos and half-naked or sometimes fully naked (Shout out to Twitter/IG/FB live) videos. Also, The scantily clad/ semi nude or just plain nude beauty shot selfies.

The reason thirst traps work are of course due to the beauty, twerk skill or nudity, but also because the viewer of the thirst trap often floods the comment section of the thirst trapper with pleas of desire, lust, likes, hearts and “add me’s”.

Now in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy and confident and posting the OCCASIONAL selfie or twerk video. There’s also nothing wrong with liking or appreciating a beautiful picture or seductive video.

The problem is when YOU, the  THIRST TRAPPER, post these things online up two to three times a week and all you get is some hearts and some thumbs up without your bank account going up.

This needs to STOP. You’re thirst trapping without a purpose. You’re not MONETIZING the fan base that you caught in your trap.

From my observational analysis, lots of so-called minorities (Black and Latina women in particular) are guilty of giving away the virtual goods for free. White women have made twerking and thirst trapping big business. But don’t listen to me. Click here and here and see how white girls are doing it BIG.

In this article, i propose an almost foolproof step by step plan to turn your free twerk videos and sexy pictures into a paid hustle.

1. Create a PayPal account.
If you have a bank account and an email, you’re about 85% ready to open one. It’s easy.  Click here.

2. Create another Facebook/IG/Twitter page.
This will be the page you use to monetize your fan base that has been following your thirst trapping ass.
You can also go on YouTube and twerk to monetize it.


3. Tease your fans with shorter semi or less revealing videos/strategically covered photos.
Nobody wants to buy the Cow if the milk is free. Teasing is the KEY to this working. If you twerk make the video less than 10 seconds with about 5 of those seconds being your PayPal link and email for more. If it’s pictures you’re doing place emojis on the revealing parts or more sexual parts of the picture.

3a. If you’re having sex live on social media tease followers with foreplay then when enough people hit your PayPal with that schmoney, do the live video on your private page. I’ve seen people give directions to couples that were simply laying on the bed touching each other. ( ***This has the potential to make someone a lot of money. People LOVE amateur sex***) .Another idea is Girl on girl sex.  Muscular men showing off the goods to women etc. 

If your already having sex on live this should be a no brainer. Get paid for it.

4.Engage your fan/followers. Block haters.
Your job is to play into men( & women’s) FANTASIES of you. You have to be an escape from the reality of their lame wife, partner or girlfriend..which you are if you get about 200 people on your live videos already.
Be engaging, VERY complimentary and humorous. Good customer service skills translate in all walks of life.  Something as simple as saying hi or good morning to a follower BY NAME is a huge deal. However don’t take any shit. Let it be known haters will get blocked immediately and not let Into the private group/page. Even if the troll is paying it’s not worth the headache of getting harassed.

5. Post in already established Thirst trap groups consistently (If you aren’t already) to known and popular Thirst Trap groups and pages.   Instagram has pages for this. Twitter too.
On Facebook there are quite a lot of secret  groups though.  Also with Facebook being the number one social media platform you want to go where the masses are. If you email me or add me as a friend on Facebook , I’ll get you in for a small fee….via PayPal of course 🙂

6. If you develop a big enough fan base start selling merchandise.
T-shirts, Used panties, private videos, private webcam sessions, phone calls etc. I would do any videos live so they can’t be saved (unless you create a website and go all in) but that’s up to you boo.

7. Be consistent. The best time to do this would probably be between Thursday and Sunday. Social Media historically gets the most traffic these days. Also, you owe it to your now paying fans who follow you for a monthly fee to see you to give them content on a regular basis.

BONUS: Create calendars at the end of the year with original pictures. You’ll be surprised how many men and women will pay 10 to 20 bucks for a calendar with you in some (lingerie?) alluring clothing.

Will everyone pay you to Twerk or Thirst trap? No. But if you have followers and fans already and 15 out of every hundred pay, or more, you just turned getting likes into a Uber type of side hustle without doing much.

Oh, Charge what you wish. I think subscription services and one time fees at a higher rate are great options. You know what your time and energy is worth…i hope.

Sidebar: In my opinion, Women  (OR MEN) really shouldn’t be doing half the ratchet stuff they do for likes on social media to strangers. It’s mindless and devalues the woman to the men watching them and vice versa in all honesty. I don’t recommend getting nude online either.

But it is being done and I doubt it’s stopping anytime soon. If you’re doing it or going to do it at least get paid for it.

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Peace, Power and Prosperity.

Why Kanye West and Donald Trump are smarter than you

It been awhile America. I’m sorry I left you so long without a blog to skim too. But I’m back with some quotes..and my keystrokes…

Lets go….


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United Snakes…. i mean States of America.  Who would have ever thought i would type those words huh?  Damn Hillary…


Kanye West on December 13, 2016 met with  President Elect Trump along with some other black entertainers; but no one really mattered more than Kanye.


So now that Kanye has met with The President Elect, alot of Black people are calling Kanye a sellout, coon, Uncle Tom, Sambo and any other derogatory name for a black that ain’t “fighting the power” the way that they like to see in the popular media .

But …………

Donald Trump has always been around rappers! It’s nothing new!

Law 3 from the 48 laws of Power….
Conceal your Intentions
Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If
they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough
down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your
intentions, it will be too late.

Donald Trump was on Method Man’s Album.
Donald Trump has partied with Puff Daddy and Stevie J. from Love and Hip hop. Trump has partied with Jah Rule, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg.

Trump had Lil Jon on the apprentice.
Rappers have stayed in Trump hotels

Simply Google Trump and Rappers. You will find a bunch of Black people with big grins cheesing with Trump like they met the best thing since the internet was created.

My point?
Trump has ALWAYS hung around Black rappers and entertainers. As a business man, he is supposed to stay around what’s hot and trendy. Why?… To keep the Trump brand hot and trendy.

The only color Donald Trump really cares about is green and  as a shrewd business man (without conscience) and entrepreneur that’s his job.  To keep the Trump brand viable.

So when he says he and Kanye are old friends he means it. He has hung out with Kanye before because Kanye is a pop culture darling. Kanye is good for business! He gets the people going!

Now that Trump has come out VOCALLY with his true racist and misogynistic views everyone hates Kanye for meeting him?? Kanye is a coon for meeting the president? Really?  An Uncle tom For talking to the President about improving  the world around him??????

I get it though.

Black people would rather be stabbed in the back then be forced to become strategic in a face to face battle. They prefer Trojan Horses to kill them while they rest rather than defending their kingdom from a direct oncoming army.

The reason black people wanted Hillary is because they like to be pandered to and coddled. They don’t really want to problem solve.

They wanted a Hillary Clinton to smile in their face while calling them superpredators in private and They want a Hillary Clinton who has been disrespectful to the BLM movement and has played all sides of the fence to get votes.

Listen to the last thing Hilary says in this video….

They want a Clinton who raised the rent in Harlem, forced the small black businesses out and started New York on the path to gentrification.

Blacks like their white folk to smile, play hide the racism and you go seek.

They also want you to play the sax while they lock up more black people than any President EVER.   

They want to have the same woman who has hot sauce in her bag as the head of the country because well….. she looks good throwing a concert with Jay and Bey.  (jay and Bey look like happy superpredators here don’t they?)



Donald Trump is direct and brash. He isn’t politically correct and doesn’t give a fuck about your feelings. He says what he wants and does what he wants.  He is outspoken about his distaste for women, Muslims, mexicans and Immigrants and poor blacks.

He is the gun in your face challenging you to do something rather than putting the knife in your back while you sleep.  He is indirectly challenging US as black people to do something. He is not the old politic of kiss your black ass for votes and dismiss you afterwards.  He dont like you and you know it.

Will we step up though? Listen to 21-year-old rapper G Herbo from Chicago break it down at the 48 min mark to the 51 min mark…….


Smart Black people don’t want their racism hidden behind a smile and a rap concert.  They want to start political action committees,  gun clubs, Homeschool organizations for their children, Survivalist camps, Sou Sou’s, Learn to fish and garden etc.  They want to be PROACTIVE and FEARLESS.

Everyone is scared of Trump and feeling helpless but all the tools are around for us as blacks in America to help ourselves. Now more than ever is the time because Trump is rolling back all the entitlements and excuses.


Back to Kanye…..

Law 6 of the 48 Laws of Power:

Court Attention at all Cost

“Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses.”

Kanye is conducting business and business has always been about networking and branding.  He is smart enough to know that him standing next to a mogul like himself makes him larger than life and garners more opportunity.  Even if he is a racist. It’s about using your enemy to get what you want.

Is Kanye nuts? Maybe.  But not for this move. This is a smart chess move. A pawn from Chicago standing and meeting with a Billionaire leader of the free world. Genius.

Instead of berating Kanye we should watch his moves. He may be smarter than you think. Trump too.

What do you think? Leave a comment and follow me at Rob Blackstorm Watson on Facebook.

Peace Power and prosperity…….

Are Reality Shows Making Women Stupid? Here’s what Science Says

Drama and recklessness has been and always will be entertaining in some form or fashion. We all like to peer into someones life and enjoy a laugh or two.
Who wouldn’t want to look into the lives of celebrities who are living a lifestyle most of us dream about?
That is not the problem with Reality Shows.

The main problem with Reality Shows is that they’re labeled as “Reality”.

Let’s look at Webster’s dictionary and the etymology of the word “Real”.  It means:  Actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not IMAGINED or SUPPOSED.

Here’s a little secret. Reality shows have nothing to do with actual reality. Its all scripted and staged. Its fake.

 Don’t believe me? Watch this:

The fact is that behind the scenes in the REAL world of showbiz, these reality stars  are prodded and manipulated and then they’re placed in settings conducive to the causation of fistfights and other ratchet /classless ass behavior.

Its a well produced product of influence, designed to stir up intense feelings within the viewer and instigate problems among the shows cast mates.


It also subtly introduces self hate as well, with plastic surgery either being done or a plastic surgeon consultation visit shown in at least one episode per season, per reality show.

Not to mention the fighting, yelling and destruction of property in upscale venues.

However, scientific studies do show that violent Reality Shows make the viewer MORE aggressive than if they would have watched a violent drama or movie.

Imagine a black person – or anyone for that matter – coming to America and turning on the TV at 8 pm and stumbling upon VH1 on a Monday evening? 

What impression do you think this would leave on a person about BLACKS or ITALIANS in America ?

What impression do you think it leaves about WOMEN in America?

How about the CHILDREN who watch this every week, sometimes with their own parents?   Influencing young girls think they need fake lashes, nails and weave.

This is ridiculous but becoming the norm among children. Wonder why?:

One Columbia University study started in 1960, measured the effects of violent TV on over 500 people from childhood to adulthood and stated:

“Perhaps the most path-breaking early result concerned the discovered relation between early TV violence viewing and later aggression. This finding has had a substantial impact on the field’s understanding of the reality of observational learning as well as on social policy. Additionally, we have found moderate continuity in aggression from age 8 to age 48 for both for males and for females”

The problem with Reality television is when the mind of the youth or adult think its “REAL” and not just another scripted show like The Game, Power, Empire or even Martin. Cognitive development becomes affected and flawed decision making occurs.


  • that “real” people become happy by focusing on their appearance and to be successful, personal image, even at a young age, should be laced with sexuality. Ex Kylie Jenner:
  • That wanton materialism, partying all the time and promiscuous sex are “real” and acceptable behavior for women.
  • That to be “real” you have to gossip, back-stab and behave aggressively, condescending and brutal towards each another.
  • That being unintelligent is cool and makes you more “real”. 

Unfortunately this false reality often becomes true reality, due to the brain being essentially a pattern making machine, and the cast mate’s ignorant behavior then becomes emulated by the viewer , producing a GMO human, clucking constant drama and fuckery like a beakless chicken in real time.

Remember, repetition is the key to memory and watching these shows on a weekly basis are damaging your brain and reinforcing your OWN behavior SUBCONSCIOUSLY in various ways.

Reality show overindulgence is creating a legacy of Robot Chickens, doing the involuntary bidding of promoting racial and social stereotypes; not exclusive to, but most often about people of color.

Not to mention adding bodies to the prison industrial complex by those who copy this ratchet/wretched behavior in real life settings, thinking the consequences of these actions will be as minor as the one on the show.
There is nothing wrong with watching television but watching these images on a regular repetitive basis is damaging to your mental and emotional health.
Turn off the television and learn more. Choose smarter programming. Find your passion, work at it and follow it. Elevate yourself and your family. Don’t be a Robot chicken head
I’ll let Project Pat tell it..
Peace Power & Prosperity…..
Bonus Stuff:

Why the Ashy Conscious Hoteps Hate Beyonce

Sometimes it’s not good to do good to some people.

Some people are used to drama and pain because that’s all they know and if you show them kindness they will attack you for it or try to take advantage of your extending hand. They aren’t used to goodness and don’t know how to appreciate it.

You can give them a dollar and they say “Shit, He got it, He should have gave me ten dollars” . Or, you help them move all day and they say “Damn, she could have at least helped me unpack too”.  You know those people. Nothing is ever good enough and if you do one right thing they find five that you did wrong.

Ungrateful and want to take advantage of your kindness. SMH.

Let’s get into Beyonce’s AMAZING half time show at Superbowl 50.

Beyonce’s performance was excellent. She came out in all black and had her dancers dressed like female members of The revolutionary Black Panther Party who’s slogan was “POWER TO THE PEOPLE”. You know, the group that probably is the reason your kid is eating free lunch at school.

The Superbowl is the nations top televised sporting event and Bey chose the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party, highlight the #Blacklivesmatter movement and bring attention to the death of Mario Woods in California. Powerful.

She even channeled Micheal Jackson.


I was impressed and i’m not even a Beyonce fan. She showed a willingness to put her money and fame on the line to promote the struggle for Blacks in America and endure the criticism from the establishments of racism . SHE DID THIS ON THE BIGGEST STAGE IN AMERICA!!!

As i logged on to social media following morning i expected to see  so called “conscious” Black Americans happy as hell that:

A. Beyonce is waking up or

B. Beyonce did this for US in Black America!

But no. The Hoteps/Conscious community was NOT HAPPY. How disappointing it was to see the anger and vitriol  about Beyonce doing the RIGHT THING FOR BLACK PEOPLE!!

Is it because she wasn’t wearing 3/4th’s of cloth and a Kufi?

Ans: Yes, she was half naked. So was your momma when she had you and so are most indigenous African women. Even in traditional African ritual the women are scantily clad.

Is it because she has a blond weave?

Ans: She does. But again, youre momma or auntie might have one on now. Does this make her less black?

Is it because she doesn’t speak up about every single issue that black people want her too?

Ans: Singing is her job. The stage her workplace. Do you have #Blacklives matter stuff all over your cubicle?. Did you organize the people in your office to pray for Freddie Gray?

Nothing is good enough for those who do nothing. They don’t appreciate kindness. They spit on hands that help pull them up.

When she went to the march for Trayvon during the Zimmerman trial, the Black conscious community accused her of trying to steal attention from the seriousness of Trayvon’s death. So she slid to the background, stopped going to marches, but donated millions of dollars to #BlackLivesMatter and her and Jay Z were bailing out  protesters during the Baltimore Uprising. But the conscious community got mad and said she was just throwing money and not using her celebrity to bring light to the issues.


So now she performs at the Superbowl, the most viewed television moment of every year, with the Black Panthers as her backup dancers, fist in the damn air. She’s using her celebrity in a very public way to support blackness, and now y’all saying she just doing it for publicity?

Do you really think Beyonce needs to do a publicity stunt when she drops albums out of nowhere, with no promotion, that go multi platinum?  Seriously?

Remember this?

She’s been here the whole time and the black community has been attacking every effort she makes. Every. Single. One.

She should have done another catchy jingle song that she normally does and wouldn’t have to deal with this backlash from cretins like this……

It’s so sad that so many “conscious” people want to discredit what Beyonce is doing because of what she’s not doing.

Seemingly discrediting her because either she also supports gay rights or just simply don’t look the “Natural” part.

This lady not only financially supports black causes but risked alienating her most lucrative audience to make a statement on behalf of her own black Americans.

Yet these same people judging and ridiculing do nothing but look the part and sound the part but make no difference. Reminds me of many Baptist preachers. Just because you may feel like you need to rock a Afro in order to be proud of being black, many don’t.

Watching Hidden Colors twice a week, creating memes,  eating a alkaline diet while wearing your dashiki will not set your people free. You like style over substance. Stop wasting so much time being rebellious and be EFFECTIVE.

Mario Woods family must be ecstatic…

You conscious Hoteps hate Beyonce right? Tell me what YOU’RE doing that equals what Beyonce did at that Superbowl??? 

I’ll wait..

Be CONSCIOUS of the fact that being pro black is just that, being pro black and not a Afro or being a Hidden Colors enthusiasts … put your money, time and life on the line for your people and stop idolizing self severing rebellion. 


Get in Formation!!!!


Why East Coast Hip Hop is Losing and How to Win Again

NYC, the birthplace of hip-hop, brought upon a musical renaissance and cultural shift with a revolutionary sound built off of two turntables and a microphone.

Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and other Bronx, NY park DJ’s provided the spark and soul of a sound that is now arguably one of the most popular and influential genres of music worldwide.


It was the soundtrack to the inner city, the voice of the unheralded and marginalized and plain old feel good dance music.
The lyrics were poetry in motion and created a demand for more.


It picked up the ashes of 70’s disco and created a new art form that became not only popular but highly profitable as record labels began to spring up to capitalize on this burgeoning cultural phenomenon since Sugar Hill Gang’s Rappers Delight.


The record labels are part of the problem but not totally.

The record labels, consisting of what GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan famously called A&R’s who were “mountain climbers who played electric guitars ” and didn’t know the “meaning of dope”,  began to follow trends and recycle artists who were copying what was selling rather then develop and nurture artistry and uniqueness.  They became capitalists of culture and once capitalism gets involved in art duplicity becomes rampant and ingenuity get compromised.

Once the labels gained the dictatorship of hip hop artists musical genius and creativity through paperwork and creative control then they could clone as many trendy new acts as they wanted. They could also force established artists into conformity as well.

The bad part is not only did they clone the  the persona of the artist, most importantly they convinced them to follow the SOUND of whatever is popular.

The reason east coast hip hop is losing is because its SOUND is no longer powerful. New York City doesn’t have that go to producer anymore that you can say is producing that heat. That music that is distinctly head nod and at the same time melodic.


NYC producers are cloning the south in an effort to make whats popular and get paid hence watering down the natural inspiration from the locale in which they live and subsequently not making good copycats of the sound they emulate.


The beats that were unique to NYC’s sound with producers like DJ Premier, The RZA, Ali Shaheed Muhammed, Marley Marl, Puffys Hitmen, Erick Sermon, Trackmasters, Heatmakerz, Swizz Beats, Just Blaze, Large Professor etc. are no longer.

Many of those aforementioned producers are still producing and doing great work. This is not a knock on the Veterans from the 90’s. However, there are no new guys coming up from New York with a new unique sound (like the South with Trap beats) to give a lyricist the proper canvas to place his or her art.

Hip hop has changed over the years and it should. No artform can grow if it is not ever changing. However, hip hop in its current state of popularity is very one dimensional.

One example of the New York sound at work is with Cam’ron Diplomats/Dipset crew and the Heatmakerz with their sped up up soul samples in the early 2000’s.

If you listen to those early Dipset records, you can tell they had a unique sound unheard of prior and a synergy with the music the Bronx Heatmakerz producers were making. Once that sound was gone and the Diplomats started following trends, the Dipset movement slowly (with help from 50 cent) became marginalized.

If you come from out of town and you turn on any popular Hip Hop radio, you cant tell the difference between a radio station in Atlanta and one in NYC. It’s sad.

Once NY becomes more innovative in its instrumentals then NYC will come back. Lyricists will always be an NYC staple no matter how much people say its not about lyrics anymore. Without lyrics, your career dies quickly. NYC Lyricists like Jay-Z, Nas, The Lox, Busta Rhymes, Immortal Technique, The WU and others are still relevant and profitable due to their lyrical abilities AND their ability to select great instrumentals.


Now NYC need the instrumentals to compliment our skill set. Hip Hop is the beautiful marriage between good music and poetry ultimately, but if the music is not good, creative or pleasing to the ear, no one wants to hear it. The problem with alot of great lyricists is that they are rapping to mediocre instrumentals and neglect to remember its the sound/beat comes 1st in the mind of the listener. You need good beats with a great pen.

This is the solution. The beats.  Make great instrumentals.
The beats will be how they bring NY back.

Lets hear it for New York……

The Top 10 Conscious Hip-Hop Albums of 2015

2015 was a year that brought many highs and lows musically. We saw Future and Drake make the most popular trap/pop hip hop together and individually while we saw Fetty Wop, Young Thug and other middling rappers ascend in hip hops consciousness. The commercial balance in hip Hop is long foregone but i’m here to give you some for your listening.

This list is for Conscious Hip Hop  albums devoid of popular hip hop themes such as:

  1. Selling crack/coke
  2. Shooting people for nothing
  3. Stealing your girl
  4. Disrespecting women
  5. Sipping lean/sniffing coke
  6. Making it rain/Strippers
  7. Trappin’
  8. Pimpin’
  9. Doing a dance
  10. Ballin’ with billions

This list is a breath of fresh air albums that got virtually no radio play, little promotion and less than chart topping mainstream success. Most if not all are introspective artists who aim to inspire, educate or just rap with immense skill and verbose. The beats are good, lyrics are tight and you can still hit the gym and rock out. To put it simply, these albums are high quality hip hop with themes that are responsible and non repetitious or corny. You can nod your head, dance and think simultaneously. These are beautiful hip hop albums you probably never heard.

In no particular order, here are the Top 10 Conscious Hip Hop Albums of 2015.

10. Murs & 9th Wonder – Brighter Daze

After dropping several stellar collaborative albums together (Murs 3:16, Murrays Revenge, Fornever) and a supposed final album The Final Adventure in 2012 Murs and 9th team up again for Brighter Daze.

The opener “Battle” hits hard with Murs dropping bars like “I rip the white sheet off a redneck republican/It’s Zulu Shit, Y’all don’t really wanna fuck with us again”. Another excellent song is “God Black/Black God” with two different beats. “Lover Murs and Get Naked”are great records that are radio worthy. “Walk like a God”is inspirational. “Murs Superstar”is a great closer.

This album dropped on 12/31/2015 out of nowhere and it is a classic from beginning to end. Check it out and thank me later.

Bad Lucc, Mac Miller, Rapsody and others feature on this album. 


9. Declaime – Southside Story

California’s own Declaime has been quietly tearing up the underground for years  also using his other artist alias Dudley Perkins. While him and his wife, the accomplished and eccentric Georgia Anne Muldrow, are building their label Someothaship, albums like this will definitely help them grow.

Southside Story is a tale of Declaime’s life, struggle and love. Introspective and definitely with a spiritual undertone, this album stayed in rotation for me. The beats are excellent and i played it from beginning to end with no skips. His flow is wavy, going mid tempo to fast to slow whenever the beat dictates it.

Lyrics about fatherhood “My little sons bad watching all that T.V/I say dude you watch too much its’s not healthy”. Lyrics about society “Positive music is priceless like charging for water or paying tithes/asleep preachers preaching about their wild daughters”. Lyrics about spirituality “I fight for the great creator when i create/can’t change my ways its way to late.

All the songs are great. I can go on and on about how good this album is and how it encapsulates the best of what conscious rap could be. Check it out yourself.


8. Mick Jenkins -Wave[s]

I discovered Mick Jenkins while surfing YouTube. With so many rappers out now, sometimes its hard to even take the time to take a chance to listen to someone new. Well, Mick had me on 1st listen. He sounds like he is heavily influenced by Kanye but in a good way.

The opening song “The Alchemy” sounds like conscious trap music and perfectly sets the tone for the rest of this excellent album. Mick has so many good lyrics that its hard to pick standout verses. Another inspirational /spiritual album with great instrumentals. I have personally played this whole album non stop on a treadmill and stayed amped and energized. Water and waves are the theme and it is interwoven in each song.

Highlights on this album include “The Alchemy”, “Your Love”, “P & Q’s”, And “Perception feat themind”


7. The Underachievers – Evermore: The Art of Duality

Brooklyn, NYC is the home of some of the best emcees to ever pick up a microphone. The Underachievers are picking up the torch and running with it on their follow up to their way above average project Indigoisim.

The duo of AK and Issa Gold shine with lyrics about chakras, suicide, self-help, indigo children, weed, meditation, elevation, spirituality, corner store bodegas and braggadocio. They have a style that is very complimentary to each other and beats that are vehicles for their rapid fire flows.

The combination is very good. The 1st half of the album is mostly spaced out jazzy boom bap and then the second half is spaced out bass heavy trap music. The overall theme is that we all have angels and demons in us. What we have to figure out is which path will we walk on and will we work  to become. Divine Duality.

Check it.


6.  Oddisee – The Good Fight


Oddisee is a blue collar type of emcee/producer who is self aware and self conscious. He is as underground as they come and he doesn’t drink, do drugs or smoke. He’s even married. All things against the typical hip hop stereotype of a rapper.

His style is uptempo and the beats are very jazzy and bouncy. Its a great album for a summer drive or cleaning the house. It doesnt really have party music or gym music per say but it is an overall great body of work and the album is good for your soul. Its like the good tasting vegetables on your plate.

Standouts cuts are “Thats Love, “Contradictions Maze”and “Belong to the world”.

Also check out  his groups 2014’s Diamond District album : March on Washington. Banger.


5. Georgia Anne Muldrow – A Thoughtverse Unmarred

Georgia Anne Muldrow is rapping from the spirit world. Using her alter ego Ms. One, she has ditched her soul singing persona and has turned into an emcee. This album is blessed with her production and beats from Chris Keys and it works well for most of the album.

Sometimes her flow is a little offbeat but the lyrical content more than makes up for it. This is a great album.

Here are some bars:

“USDA approving stink, pushing weight in the form of a TV dinner plate/If we are what we eat i hate to think what the future corporate thug is brewing in his think tank”.

“Im gonna be fine, divinely designed/My heart do the beating by the blood aint mine/ my sense of time intertwined deep with with the great blacks”

“The powers that see who we are, work long hours to ensure that we don’t be who we are”

Listen and Learn.


4. KRS ONE – Now Hear This


The blast master KRS ONE has been dropping albums since the 80’s. He has stayed consistent with dropping quality projects loaded with what he branded as edutainment,  which is the hybrid of education and entertainment. Longtime fans and young newcomers alike will find a great deal to enjoy amongst its 18 tracks.

This is a boom bap album with KRS dropping gems all throughout. If you know KRS ONE you should know to throw your thinking cap on and enjoy the ride.With standout cuts like “Duty,” “Invaders” and “The Lingo,” Now Hear This is one of the most impressive outings we’ve heard from KRS-One in recent memory and proves that the towering legend of early hip-hop still has abundant insight to share. Great music from a legend and pioneer of conscious music. I wont go any further. I’ll let the music do the talking.


3. Semi Hendrix – Breakfast at Banksy’s

Rass Kass and Grammy nominated producer Jack Splash collaborate to form Semi Hendrix and the results are great. This may be Rass Kass best work since Soul on Ice. This album may be better than Soul on Ice.

The Beats are boom bap and very sample driven but they work great with Rass Kass’s voice and flow. The content goes from braggadocio to jewel dropping, introspection and consciousness.

Peep this verse from the song”Jesus pressed the mute button”:

“Poverty, disease, death and destruction/Can you hear me God? Did Jesus press the mute button/The 1 percent wanna see us with nothing/Politicians are liars, even Obama fronting/Corporations blood suck, Wall Street gluttonous/They steal our money and never get touched”

give it a listen then buy this.


2. PRhyme – PRhyme

Royce the 5’9 and DJ Premier are two legends on one mission. The mission is to make you appreciate hip hop in its purist form. Hip Hop without auto tune, trap beats, nonsensical lyrics and bubblegum hooks. This is 90’s Hip Hop reinvented and remastered for 2015. This is the epitome of what they call “Real Hip Hop”.

There have been some who said DJ Premier fell off from his golden era dominance with Gangstarr. There are also some who say Royce is a great lyricist but never has good instrumentals for a complete body of work. Well, by using samples from the eclectic producer Adrian Younge’s catalog, Preemo and Royce have delivered an all around classic.

The album is not heavy on social commentary, spirituality or knowledge but rather heavy on introspection and the mind of Royce.  There are so many quotable verses that standout. I was hooked on this album from the 1st song opener and you should be too.

I’ll just leave a lyric video for one of the best songs on the deluxe edition so you get the point.


  1. Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly

What more can i say about this album that hasn’t already been said? From the cover you should be able to tell you are listening to a conscious album. This album has bangers, introspection, social commentary and even an unheard interview with Tupac!

Standouts are “Momma”, “How much a dollar cost?”, “The Blacker the Berry” and “Mortal Man”.

This album is a must listen .

Honorable Mention Albums: Blackalicious – Imani Vol 1.,  Surf – Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment, Raury – All We Need


Peace, Power & Prosperity!