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Why Black Women need to date White men. The Serena Williams logic.

The great American Tennis Player, Serena Williams recently released a statement and confirmed that she had a baby by Alexis Ohanian, American Internet entrepreneur and investor, who is co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. He also so happens to be a Caucasian male.

With Serena Williams being the adoration of Black America and in particular black males, she pissed off a good amount of her black fan base with her choice of a lover.

Many black men who lusted after her on television and computer screens for years – decades even – were disappointed, blindsided and some were even angry. After all, Black America has been following and supporting the beautiful 23 time Grand Slam champion around since childhood, along with her sister Venus. We supported elevated and lauded her with vigor, pride and enthusiasm.

We, Black Male America, felt like we owned a piece of Serena after rooting for her to win all those tennis matches. Black men (even myself) would tune in regularly to watch her sexy, short tennis skirts, her glistening sweaty chocolate skin and of course : THE BOOT-AY.

Sometimes we didn’t even care about the tennis match. I know I didn’t. As long as that skirt went up a serve or two ……..sheeeeeeeeeet…… it was all love (pun intended).

Then in 2015, she started seriously dating what happened to be a white Guy.
And all hell broke loose on social media, barber shops and in urban areas everywhere.

How dare she betray us by going with a cracker? the oppressor? D’wight man?

She went from a Queen to a sellout. From a representative of the race to race traitor. From a boss to a bitch. From lusted for to loathed. From vixen to villain. All this vitriol in ONE day. By mostly Black men.

Now this article isn’t really about Serena necessarily.
It’s about black women and the way alot of black men perceive and treat them. It’s also about how alot of Black women perceive and BELIEVE they will be treated by white men.

Let’s talk about it…….

First and foremost, congratulations to Serena and her and her family. Children are a beautiful thing to have and raise and any one who hates that because of the racial aspect of the child is scum. Plain and simple.

However there is a myth, amongst lots of lonely black women recently, that seem to think that finding and dating a caucasian man is the cure for their difficulty when dealing with black men in relationships.

You’ve seen this online:

Im here to present a reality that contradicts that fantasy.

Now let’s look at some examples of interracial relationships where black women have chosen white men.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton:

According to a very detailed story on EOnline , Robin Thicke and Paula Patton met each other as high school sweethearts. Paula, who was then the president of their high schools black student union ironically, hooked up with Robin after he sang Jodeci’s forever my lady to her in his father’s home. Robin’s Father is TV ‘s Dating Game host Alan Thicke.

It seemed that they had a great marriage until Robin Thicke blew up with the song “Lost Without You” in 2006 and then “Blurred Lines” in 2013

In Robin’s own words for the breakup:
“We’re apart because we just couldn’t be together anymore for a while,” he said. “There’s a hundred different reasons, there isn’t just one. There’s a long list… I changed, and I got a little too selfish, a little too greedy and little too full of myself.”

What he didn’t say was that he was on drugs, PHYSICALLY ABUSING Paula Patton AND his own son. To top it off he lost custody of his son due to this.

Now his girlfriend is a very white woman named April Love. They are expecting a child in August.

Looks like he blew up, started BEATING the breaks off his black wife and child and left his black wife for a white girl. The irony. Kanye said black men do that. And even though Kanye did it himself, leaving black and going white was supposed to be exclusively nigga sh*t.


Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry:

Halle Berry married Gabriel in 2007 and their marriage ended in 2010.

According to the Daily Mail, Gabriel filed for spousal support and full custody of their daughter in 2010 and won getting 16k a month.

As Halle Berry went to court to reduce that huge support amount, she was hit with a racial epithet( called a nigger) according to court documents and accused Gabriel of straightening and dyeing their daughter’s hair so she would look less black and citing it could cause psychological damage to their then 6-year-old. She even brought in scientific evidence to prove that he was straightening and dying her hair

Damn. 16k a month in child support though. Sounds like legal pimping to me and very strategic planning. Not to mention the self hate he was instilling on their daughter.

I thought only black men pimped and dogged their women. This seems far worse.


Tiki Branch, Co Owner of “Miss Jessie’s” hair products and boyfriend Anthony Spadafora:

First of all Rest in peace to Miss Branch. She committed suicide. I’ll let Tiki’s sister tell ya’ll what happened according to what she said in this New York Post article:

“Titi, 45, was under Spadafora’s Svengali-like spell, Miko claims in Manhattan Supreme Court papers, saying he isolated her from her family, manipulated her and treated her like a human ATM.

Titi even changed the beneficiary of her $2 million in life insurance policies from her sister to Spadafora — because of his “undue influence,” Miko claims.

“My sister’s death has been a devastating blow,” she told The Post. “It was only after Titi’s death that we learned more about what she’d been going through and how her affairs were being managed.”

Spadafora “wielded exceptional control over [her] while fully aware that her mental health was severely compromised,” the sister claims, referring to Titi’s “disabling” depression.

In just two years Spadafora, 43, managed to “extract” hundreds of thousands of dollars from Titi to launch his own beard-care business, Maestro’s Classics; $420,000 to buy and renovate a Pennsylvania house; and a $135,000 interest-free loan.

“In exchange, [she] received nothing,” Miko charged.

Titi was ready to kick Spadafora to the curb last year when she found out he sexually propositioned her trainer, but he knew how to keep her in line, Miko alleges in court papers.

Spadafora “took extreme measures to stop her . . . sending compromising photographs that he had taken of her,” the sister claims.

Within days of her death, he peppered her grieving parents with emails claiming he had a new will drafted by Titi giving him 50 percent of everything, according to the suit.

He also took his girlfriend’s computer and refused to return it to her family members unless they forked over Titi’s expensive Cartier bracelet, according to court papers.

When they did, the computer he returned had its drive scrubbed clean, the Branch family claims.”



There are of course more examples like this and I’m not highlighting these to say I’m against interracial relationships. I firmly believe that people should find love where it best serves them and if it happens to be a person of another then race so be it. People need love and it’s an important aspect in enjoying the quality of life.

I wish Serena Williams and her new family success and i hope it works out for her and her husband. I do not wish them any ill will whatsoever and I’ve never been a hater.

I’ve highlighted these examples to show that white isn’t always right and that men are men regardless of their lack of melanin. Its character, morals and actions that define someone not necessarily your skin tone.

We are nothing but the energy we choose to project in the world.

You can have all the “magical” melanin in the world. If you don’t use your gifts for spiritual and mental development but a caucasian with limited melanin focuses and dedicates his life to the aforementioned development, the caucasian wins.

Personally, i will always love, be with and date and eventually marry a  black woman. Am i perfect? No. Have i myself always been great to black women? No.
I can only hope my apologies and growth have made me better. Life’s about progression beloved.

I understand why many black women want to date outside their race, even though they may truly love, adore and genuinely desire to be mated with their black men.

Serena dated Common, Drake, and other Black men and she didn’t choose one. We don’t know the details of her reasons for not choosing them and the reasons may or may not be valid-but the white boy got the ring. That’s the reality.

Oh and be clear. He may have proposed but the woman always does the choosing.


If you’re an honest black american, you can easily see that a vast majority of Black men aren’t living up to the basic standards of manhood. And even though they aren’t, black women continue to support, love and hold down black men.

And before you tell me about how the white man did this to us, recite passages of the Willie lynch letter and tell me about how the welfare system disenfranchised us please realise i don’t care about that shit. None of your excuses. Fuck that.

How hard is it to open the door/car door for a woman?
How hard is it to kiss your woman/hold her hand/squeeze her booty/hug her in public?
How hard is it to actually date and plan a date for a Nubian queen?
How hard is it to be the breadwinner and not go 50/50 on the bills but pay the majority of the bills? And if she is the breadwinner currently, at least strive to meet and exceed her by developing and honing skills?
How hard is it to constantly complement your woman and make her feel special?
How hard is it to let her be free in her respectful sexual expression and provide safe spaces for her to express her sexuality?
How hard is to elevate your woman and make her feel like a Queen by complimenting her consistently?

You know who IS doing this for black women?
i see it with my own eyes daily. A lot of while male PDA on black women.  Mostly the ones with the most melanin also.

The funny thing is they are tapping into what black men should be and getting better because of it.

I could get real esoteric and talk about how black pussy is a stargate and if you stroke that vagina with visions of your hopes dreams and desires they will manifest in tangible reality eventually. I could say that the reason sex and sexuality is demonized by the church is so you don’t access that stargate as much as possible. I could say that sex is the highest form of creation and the black woman and child is worshipped as the black madonna and child in the Vatican which is really hiding Auset and Heru in kemetic lore and that the popes take this energy of the black madonna to subjugate the populace……but i digress.

(if you are interested, i do have an e-book on sex magick that i will email you for a paypal donation of only 8 dollars. I literally went from making 12.50 an hour 3 years ago to  40k last year almost 100k this year using these techniques .Screenshot or take a pic of your donation and e-mail me at “Sex E-Book” in the subject line.)

Also, cop and Read Adika Butler’s Book “Treasures of Darkness” for more clarity on this at


See my articles on Victimhood and Why Melanin isn’t enough if you need to understand why there is no excuse for this Black Male behavior on the cusp of the information age.

Black men have to start trying to conquer the world again like the Moors and Hannibal of Carthage once did. We have to once again be aggressive and HIGHLY COMPETITIVE in the areas of commerce, spirituality and self-development, self-healing and overall growth.

Black men have taken on aspects of white male patriarchy and capitalism…without the COMPETITIVE mindset of the capitalist. Facts: We aren’t competing with white men aggressively enough in areas of power and business but we are aggressive when it comes to our own women.

Black men (and women) have been placed in unnatural conditions in a foreign land with no tools to reflect and nurture their inner greatness. From the media to the school textbook, he has been conditioned to be a thug who is a cancer in his own community or a black male in white face living to serve his former slave master.

In inner cities across America, the thug – through the media and schooling – is the subconsciously placed ideal for the black male to achieve his manhood. To survive as a thug amongst thugs, one must put on a mask of perpetual toughness as to not show his feelings to the world. Feelings are a weakness in the urban jungle. This leads to an inner castration of the divine within and replaces it with a soulless empty shell: cold, callous and frozen in development. Often time this shell becomes filled with drugs and alcohol and other nefarious coping mechanisms. Masks to hide the pain of  a black man losing his soul.

Rapsody does a great job breaking down black “Pain” in this video. She analyzes the dynamics of black male/female pain like an urban psychologist:

(Sidebar: It also doesn’t help that this thug ideal becomes the avatar of the black male in the eyes of a lot of impressionable black women as well, making the black male who does not display these characteristics lower on the sex selection totem pole further perpetuating these behaviors among post pubescent young men.  Some women even create and mold their sons from youth in this way to make sure they can survive in toxic urban and impoverished environments….also because they think its cute)

You need emotions to grow. You need to feel and face your pains to rise above them. This unfeeling is what’s plaguing black men, his community and ultimately what’s causing this mistreatment of his woman. He is trying to get his soul back through sex. He is trying to fuck his way back to the divinity within.

We want to dominate our women through sexual conquest but not conquer the world. We are conditioned to be the black bucks having multiple baby mothers and we are creating illegitimate un-attended progeny that is destined to work to build up the white world through incarceration and slave wage labor. We are unapologetically comfortable collectively doing less and expecting more. We are living in William Lynch’s dream.

We take pride in this shit. This has to end. We gotta grow up and glow up. We need our black women.

One of the reason i love James St. Patrick’s character in the series Power, is that he is there to compete with white men in a legit business and leave the dope game alone. He doesn’t want or let them control him. And regardless of his infidelity, he demonstrates his love for the women in his life. Art can imitate life. You choose.

Also stop bitching and complaining about the white man. Steal your culture, art, science and spirituality back from the white man. He stole it from you and built a world of success from it. Steal it back!



The black woman must be elevated. We have to put her back on her pedestal as the god she is. Once we do the black community worldwide will begin to transform. Our ancient matrilineal empires like Babylon (Ishtar), Kemet (Auset), Sumerian (Innana) and all its pomp, spiritual and military power and regalia prove this.

The pope is still winning too. That Black madonna worship. Kiss her and talk to her nice.

Even now, if you do a deep dive into our current pop culture you can see women taking back their power from music to politics to sex.

This article isn’t about simpin. It’s about Black men losing the world’s greatest resource: the black woman.
It’s also about the fact that you can go date white men and swirl as a black woman and still get gone dirty af.

Ask a white woman how great her marriage is. Then listen and see if the relationship problems are similar if not worse. The grass ALWAYS looks greener on the other side.

Let’s grow and glow. Lets heal each other by healing ourselves first. Peace, Power and Prosperity.


listen to Sammy break down how to be better:

Are you being Divided & Conquered? : The Strategic Psychological Warfare Behind Racism

When most people think of racism or white supremacy, more often than not it is viewed from the lens of “this person doesn’t like me because I’m different” or “this person is evil and is out to oppress me and my people because we’re different” or “these people are the ones that hate and destroy different people” or “this is a myth and those people are lazy and making excuses”.

While in some cases these viewpoints are valid, reasonable and can be argued rationally, the fact remains that racism and the philosophy of white supremacy is real and has to have a source and reason for existing in society.

It is beyond simple bias and hatred because its effects are way beyond the subjective. The world is actually being run by these subjective concepts in objective reality.


Racism and white supremacy are two arms of a strategic psychological warfare implemented by those who guide society with an unseen hand.

But how is this being done? How does this WARFARE take place in the human PSYCHE first, before being played out globally?

To put it bluntly, Racism is a fictional social construct designed to divide and conquer humans based on culture, color, heritage and nationalism.  White Supremacy, also known as “Manifest Destiny“, is the foundation of modern capitalism, imperialism and exploitation worldwide.

“Manifest Destiny” became first and foremost a call and justification for an American form of imperialism, and neatly summarized the goals of the Mexican War. It claimed that America had a destiny, manifest, i.e., self-evident, from God to occupy the North American continent south of Canada (it also claimed the right to the Oregon territory including the Canadian portion). “Manifest Destiny” was also clearly a racial doctrine of white supremacy that granted no native American or nonwhite claims to any permanent possession of the lands on the North American continent and justified white American expropriation of Indian lands. (“Manifest Destiny” was also a key slogan deployed in the United States’ imperial ventures in the 1890’s and early years of the twentieth century that led to U.S. possession or control of Hawaii and the Philippine Islands.)

Manifest Destiny is the philosophy behind modern racism. It is a tactic of war.

It is the means for rich Caucasians to stay in control of resources, demonize those who are not Christian, manipulate public opinion and justify viewing and treating darker hued ethnic groups as inferior and thus validate their status as an underclass.

In reality, Racism is a survival tactic for and by Caucasians to ensure their genetic survival and perpetual global domination. It has NOTHING to do with prejudice, hatred, emotionalism, or like or dislike.  Those qualities are simply the by products of the white lie of white supremacy.

Without racism and white supremacy, the Caucasian would be eradicated solely due to evolutionary natural selection and Darwin’s survival of the fittest.

Here’s how:

Caucasians are genetically recessive so when they breed children with someone from a darker skinned culture, the children automatically become darker in hue and take on the dominant cultures features. 

For instance, if a dark-skinned black man has a child with a Caucasian woman, the child will usually have curly hair, fuller lips and a darker hue then the mother. Then if the child grows up and breeds a child with another black person, that child will be even darker and posses more of the dark-skinned person’s genetics. Essentially, the Caucasian genetics will get overwritten by the dominant African genetic phenotype.

Science also shows that two black people can produce a Caucasian child or an albino but two Caucasians cannot produce a black or darker hued child. If those with African genetics continued interbreeding with Caucasians over generations then the Caucasian would eventually be like the dinosaurs and his history and legacy would become an exhibition in a museum of something that once was. (Ironically, global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer may make that a reality)

So what is the warfare strategy that is being used on the subconscious mind of man?

The 1% who puppet master humanity use race, class, science-based reasoning and religion as social constructs of manipulation. Those bound by these social constructs think that they are better than other humans due to an egotistical ideological hierarchy and the natural quest for power. Power can be acquired through various means but DIVISION is the product pushed to the ignorant masses leading to a me vs them mentality. This is the precipice of warfare.

People with differing viewpoints are taught to stay among others who think and in some cases look similar to themselves while simultaneously shunning , berating and looking down on those who do not think or look the same. This develops a subconscious superiority complex played out in conscious actions and objective reality.

In other words, they teach you to hate and discriminate against others to feel better about yourself.

This complex negates the fact that people were raised in different environments, different schools, different cultures with different ideologies and ways of growing and learning.  It also ignores the fact that humans have the capacity to agree to disagree and have healthy competition among themselves despite outward or inward differences. People can create and buy and trade goods across class, racial, religious and social lines. People can learn from other cultures.

People can develop their own self-worth spiritually without making someone feel less than.

People are taught separation, supremacy and cultural division, primarily via the media and whitewashed educational institutions, so the masses can FEEL better about themselves while the wealthy white 1% is a unified collective whose focus is NOT on feelings but on power and the control of resources.


They focus on how to better exploit humanity through their differences. They focus on dumbing you down through the media and the public and private government-funded (by the 1%) educational system.

DIVIDE & CONQUER is the strategy used  by the 1% to perpetuate this confusion.

The solution: Judge each individual human based on what they do and who they are in relationship to you personally.  After all, poor and working class folks all over the world can relate to struggle and the will to survive, regardless of ethnicity.  Work on unlearning biases and prejudices based on skin color, culture and class. Reprogram your mind through repetition to view everyone as a new experience for YOU, unrelated to the pressure of GROUPTHINK.

Lets make Martin’s dream a reality and stop being loyal subjects of war.

Love Yourz…

7 Reasons Why You Don’t Get Pussy: Part 1

Sex is amazing. It feels awesome and the health benefits are great. However, alot of men aren’t having sex regularly and because of this they hate women and blame them for their inability to have sex.  Men have shot up their colleges because of this.
I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be alone on Friday or Saturday nights playing video games and watching Netflix. In my experience, these simple things hinder some men and put them in the friend zone or worse: They get no pussy.

1. You’re a lame.

The common misconception that non pussy getters have is that they are too nerdy, different or straight-laced for women. Being a lame has nothing to do with being a nerd or a square. In fact, nerds and squares get a lot ofpussy strictly of intelligence and stability, two things women find attractive. However, a nerd or square can be a lame if he lacks drive and ambition.

A lame is an individual that is lazy, has no ambition, doesn’t go for what he wants, lacks courage and doesn’t have knowledge of himself and others.  A lame would rather sit on the couch, watch TV, play video games or watch porn,  rather than study female behavior and enhance their conversational skills by taking risks with women. A lame is quiet and on his smartphone in a room full of women, making eye contact and convo with none.
A lame friend of mine used to always ask me “Does she have any friends?” when he saw me bringing women to my house. I agreed to have a get together at her home with some of her friends. Guess what? He  meets the friends, one finds him attractive and he repays my matchmaker job by being quiet as a church mouse. Smh.

The other things lame say is that “she doesn’t want me, she  wants a thug, bad boy, gangster etc”. “She doesn’t want a nice decent guy”. This is falsehood and an excuse for you not being assertive.

Now there are women who like to be treated like less than women. Some even don’t think they are loved unless they are  abused in some way. In my experience these women aren’t the majority and usually can be evaluated by the way they treat and speak to you.

Everyone, regardless of gender, likes to be around people who are confident, brave and bold. People like people who take charge and get things done without excuses or apologies. People like people who are sure of themselves and embrace their dark side. Basically, people like people who are true and real about who they are and present all sides of themselves proudly.

Bravery and confidence are aphrodisiacs for women. This is why winners always get the girl. This is why entertainers have groupies. This is why Supermen have Lois Lanes. They went for what they wanted, was bold enough to present their talent to the world and achieved something.

Lames let life pass them by instead of manning up and taking control of it and manipulating it to his will. Control your destiny. Read books on women. Get out of the house and off the internet, unless your on the internet researching female behavior. You need to put your feet in the water.  Be bold and courageous. You have testicles and testosterone, not ovaries and estrogen. Let your nuts hang.

The best opening line with a woman? Saying hello with a smile on your face.

2. You have no sense of humor.

The saying ” laughter is the best medicine” isn’t around for no reason. Laughter is also one of the best preliminaries to panty dropping in history .

Having a sense of humor is one of the best assets you can have in lowering a woman’s guard and getting her to be more comfortable and open up to you. People in general enjoy hanging around other happy people who in turn can make them smile.(statistics) Laughter is contagious and makes this cold world we live in a little warmer.

I remember talking to a lady but I could tell she was a little hesitant to talk about sex. So I asked a question. ” Mary, would you say having sex with you is like going to great adventure, splish splash or Disney’s world on ice?. She laughed hard and said splish splash. I said ” Good lawd, lemme get my scuba gear ready”. She laughed again.

The next night I was in her bed with her wiping me down with the warm rag. Humor works.

3. You look and smell like shit.

Another popular saying is ” If you look good, you feel good”. This is true. Who doesn’t like being complimented on a nice outfit or accessory? (Sidebar: Women like this too)

The popular saying for a man who dresses well and has confidence is that he has swag aka swagger.. The man who’s confident doesn’t necessarily have to dress well, but it makes it easier to attract women if your outfit is put together nicely.  Women love to see a well-groomed man and appreciate a man who looks good in what he wears.

Hit the gym. Stay in shape. Eat healthy. Working out will increase your stamina in bed and stimulate the production of testosterone. You will also have a greater sex drive. Not to mention the fact that women love a well-built man.

Women also love a man that smells good. Get some cologne that works for your body type. You can always get free samples from Sephora to test. Shower regularly.

Swag aka swagger is important because if you’re not having sex than you need to stand out more than the average guy. You are basically making yourself more marketable for pussy. Women love to show off their man and this is one way to keep getting new pussy as well. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money with Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, Macy’s clearance rack and thrifting.

Have at least two suits and two pair of dress shoes. Know or learn how to tie a tie.

I remember a woman saying she slept with an ugly guy cause he always had on nice jeans. Nice jeans??!! Hey, it got him some pussy. Do you have on some nice jeans?

4. You’re not well-rounded.

A man has to be a Swiss army knife. He should know how to do various things around the house, car and beyond. He should also be able to have a discussion about a broad range of topics. The broader range of knowledge that you have equals the broader the choice of women you can attract and bed.

One thing all women love, even the uneducated ones, is an educated man. Intelligence is sexy. People want people they can learn and grow from. This is why nerds and squares have sex.

Beautiful women have heard they are beautiful all their life. Do and say things that are out of the ordinary. What are you saying that’s different? How are you stimulating them mentally? Can you put up a bookshelf? Change a tire? What’s the last book you read? Do you follow current events? World events?

I once was talking to this woman about where she got her bracelet from at a bar. Turns out she got it from Ghana and I was able to discuss some history about Mansa Musa that she didn’t even know. Before you know it she’s so engaged in the discussion she ended up drinking and I ended up having a one night stand.

I can’t tell you the amount of times i got laid simply by speaking well and displaying wisdom and a command of knowledge. Become knowledgeable and the world will open up for you.

Knowledge is pussy power.

5. You talk to much and don’t listen enough.

Some men have an ego the size of a small continent. They brag and boast about every single thing that has happened to them and that they have accomplished. So much so, that they have no time to listen to what a woman is actually saying.

Don’t get me wrong. Accomplishments are great and something to be proud of. They should be cherished and honored. The business you conduct and the going about of your daily life are also things that can be used to stimulate conversation, which in turn make you more interesting. Interesting people get laid.

The problem is when ALL you do or say is about yourself and your interest and acquisitions. Women hate when they can’t get a word in during a discussion.

The one thing women love to do is talk and express themselves. Women are very communal and if they have a problem they are more apt to discuss it with their girlfriends, more so than men discuss problems and issues with their guy friends.

If you ask questions that are interesting and unique,(see: you’re not well-rounded) all you really have to do is sit back and learn her likes, dislikes and hobbies. It also gives you insight into her state of mind. Knowing these things helps you to relate to the woman of your interest and if you have things in common it will draw her closer too you.

Women will tell you what they want and when. Just listen.

6. You don’t have any manners or chivalry.

Opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, putting your woman on the inside of the street while walking, letting her place her order in a restaurant first or even ordering for her, holding her hand while walking up steps : These are all basics of chivalry.

Contrary to popular opinion, showing you have manners and are chivalrous has the effect of weakening the barriers that women put up upon engaging with you. It doesn’t make you a sucker or soft, in fact, none of these actions cost a dime!

Women usually have some reservation upon meeting a man, even if they find them attractive. The goal is to break through any reservations that she has and get her comfortable enough to open up to you.

We all like being treated special. We all love to be spoiled in some way. It doesn’t matter your gender. The point is to stand out among  other men and to let a woman know you have the ability and willingness to treat her special, worthwhile and differently then the previous assholes she encountered.

You’ll be surprised how much pussy you can get just by holding a woman’s hand while you cross the street. Yes she can cross on her own. But why not be different  and show her you’re willing to protect her?

7. You haven’t healed from your Ex .

If you’re still treating women like the lyrics you heard from an N.W.A or Future album then you are either immature, a fuckboy, or have been hurt by a woman and never took time to heal. Most of the time its the latter or those misogynistic lyrics wouldn’t resonate that much with you.

The value of being a woman is that they have a network of other women that they can run their problems by and get counseling on how to handle and process their pain. Men generally do not have that.
Men tend to keep things in and not show emotion because male pain and emotions  are seen as weaknesses by the unseasoned observer. All that “boys don’t cry” stuff we are taught early on is significant influence in how we process hurt and pain.

Males usually just move on to another woman and may subsequently start treating women like dirt because hurt people hurt people. Its easier to use and discard women rather than genuinely connect with someone and be hurt again.

However, this does not have to be the case because doing that also limits your ability to attract genuine women which in turn leads to more pain and loneliness in the long run. You can talk to a platonic female friend about the issues you had with women who hurt you. You can talk to a counselor or psychiatrist. You can write about your experience and see what you’ve learned and allow yourself to love again.

The pain of a love lost can be processed  but it does take time. Contrary to popular belief, Men take longer to heal from heartbreak then women do. You have to process what she did wrong in the relationship and forgive her genuinely and process what you did wrong in the relationship and improve on it for the next relationship. If you have to mentally go back to that 1st girl who ever hurt you, go back.

Getting hurt in a relationship never killed anyone. Nor will it kill you if it happens again. In fact each heartbreak is a learning experience and to avoid it is to avoid life’s greatest joy. Love is an amazing bonding emotion and to give that to another human is one of the greatest things you can do.

The saying is true: it is better to have love and lost then to never love again. You grow from your mistakes.

If you enjoyed this subscribe and i hope you have so many  offers that you’re turning pussy down left and right. Part 2 coming Soon. …
Amy Winehouse has some tips for you too……

This childrens song contains the blueprint for life & happiness

I was singing this song with my daughter and had an epiphany about life and happiness itself…..

It was so simple, yet so profound. Once i heard it a light bulb went off in my head….

Life is like that children’s song. “Row row your boat, gently down the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is but a dream”

 We really just live in a lucid dream. A grand light show of sound and color. We live in a physical manifestation of what we dream (think about) constantly. A daydream or being so-called lost in thought, is merely you being the creator you intended to be on earth. The things that you think about on a constant basis tend to manifest themselves on the physical plane of existence.

Think about it

Have you ever been thinking about a person and they just happen to call or show up?

Have you ever been backed up in bills and a check or money just shows up out of nowhere?

Have you ever just wanted to date somebody and they seem more interested in you then they were before?

Have you ever desired something and you finally see it and have the funds or means to purchase or receive it?

A great movie about this is OVX: The Manual.

The universe is conspiring to give us we want on a daily basis but for most of us we don’t see the clues or miss out on the universes conspiracy.

It sometimes comes from words on the train from a random stranger talking to someone else next to you but say exactly what you need to hear.

It sometimes comes in the form of something as simple as looking up and noticing the clouds  or looking at the multi-colored autumn leaves on the shedding trees. It could also be noticing the sunshine after a few cloudy days and feeling better just because of the warmth it gives.

It could be a book that just seems to come from nowhere or an article you read that inspires you to reach new heights in your life.

The universe wants you to be happy, in love with life and at peace. That is life’s main objective. The Universe wants you to share in its glory and live in an elevated state of thought and action.

In the aforementioned children’s song, it encourages us to row our boat gently down the stream and to do so merrily, merrily, merrily. That song, in all its minimalism, contains the blueprint to life.

The stream in life is our thoughts, our walk and actions.  We must row gently, or in other words, move steadily throughout the difficulties. We must also do so in happiness (merrily) because life’s ups and downs are only temporary. We all have our good days and our bad days.

 Life is cyclical. Sunshine and rain. Hot and cold. Life is a series of opposites and changes.

  So the best way to approach life is to row over the waves (difficulties) on the stream (thoughts) and to do so merrily (happily or in peace). Because life is but a dream (temporary and what you make and create it to be). 

The best two ways to activate this lucid dream state and make it work for you are:

  1. Silent introspection  in nature
  2. Regular Meditation
  3. Affirmations (outward and inward)

More on those practices in another post……

Jay Z said it best. Life is like a beach chair. Be happy no matter what.

Peace, Power and Prosperity…