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White Supremacy Does NOT Exist!


The phrase White Supremacy is being thrown around a lot especially due to Donald Trump being named the President of the United Snakes States. of America.  Let’s look at this word Supremacy.

SUPREMACY:  the state or condition of being SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHERS in authority, power, or status. – Webster’s Dictionary.

Supreme : 1520s, from Middle French suprême (15c.) and directly from Latin supremus “highest,” superlative of superus “situated above,” from super “above” (see super-). Supreme Being “God” first attested 1690s; Supreme Court is from 1689. – Etymology Dictionary.

White supremacy is a lie and does NOT exist.  I’ll Explain.

I abandoned the term White Supremacy from my train of thought about 3 years ago.

I realized that white supremacy is a FICTIONAL narrative used to put a spell on the minds of people of color so that they feel less then and therefore behave as such and/or feel victimized in this age of information and the land of opportunity.

The real issue is White Privilege.  Let’s look at the definition & etymology of this word : Privilege.

Privilege:  a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available ONLY to a particular person or group of people. – Webster’s Dictionary

Privilege  (n.)  – mid-12c. “grant, commission” from Old French privilege “right, priority, privilege” (12c.) and directly from Latin privilegium “law applying to one person, bill of law in favor of or against an individual,” in the post-Augustine period “an ordinance in favor of an individual, privilege, prerogative,” from privus “individual” (see private (adj.)) + lex (genitive legis) “law” (see legal (adj.)). Meaning “advantage granted” is from mid-14c. in English. – Etymology Dictionary

White privilege is based on the silver spoon inherited by most whites due to slave labor and the financial rank of their forefathers.

Slaves and other immigrants, building the infrastructure of america for nothing or less than nothing, did not have the benefit of forming industry and business relative to their white counterparts.

Racism, as a created social construct, was deemed necessary to fuel American industry and justify making man into animal and unworthy of the spoils of his or her own labor. This also justified the mistreatment and mis-education of the Native Africans, Native Americans and other indentured servants.

This caste system with its roots in India and Aryans nomads from the north (where the group Aryan Nation got its name) where white men were better than men of any other color, became a tool of the class of the American banking elite and enforced through the Virginia slave codes enacted between the 16 and 1700’s

If we go back to the initial definition of Supremacy at the beginning of this article,and it’s etymology, we will see that saying the term White Supremacy is in essence saying the white man is Godlike in comparison to you. We will also see the term “supreme” introduced into law around the same time  the slave codes were .

Coincidence? I doubt it.

In history, when people are conquered, the land is taken, the old God’s or deities are replaced with those of the new rulers, their history and books are burned and erased, women are taken and subjugated and their language is changed to that of their conqueror. The ruling class is often educated, rich and has a large army.

This is a standard practice of WARFARE and most of it is PSYCHOLOGICAL.  There is nothing “Supreme” about it.  It’s the business of power and control of the minds and bodies of the masses.

A poor uneducated white man or “white trash” is just a Nigger with blond hair and blue eyes who doesn’t use his white privilege effectively. Nothing “supreme about him. An educated white man will benefit from white privilege mostly due to institutionalized racism, not supremacy or anything godlike as the definition states.

The 1% doesn’t care what color you are. They Tax EVERYBODY and create loopholes for themselves. They control the masses with Religion regardless of race and manipulate them EQUALLY. They practice divide and conquer tactics and use the media to accelerate group think.

The idea of White supremacy is a mesmerizing SPELL that DOESN’T exist and that idea may be holding you back. Saying someone is supreme or superior over and over is highly detrimental to one’s advancement and state of mind.

If I even think about that term, I mentally change it to WHITE PRIVILEGE which is much more truthful and accurate based on an objective historical lens.

Reprogram your mind and your body WILL follow. Repetition is key.

Proactive Educational Always Creates Elevation.  Ask Malcom X.

Compete with all that oppose you. Read on different subjects.. Create. Get out of your comfort zone.  Produce things. Consume less. Travel More.

No one is more supreme than YOU.  Be SUPREME.

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Peace, Power and Prosperity,

33 Commandments to Reverse the Death of Black Manhood

Black manhood is not the way it used to be.  Black men are getting more feminine as years pass.

With alot of black men dying or incarcerated and reality television stereotypes of black manhood, it would seem as if all hope is lost.

Well, here are some rules that every black man should follow to re-awaken their manhood and regain our glory.


1. Thou shall not say “yasss” , “hunty”, ” throwing shade” or say anything ” gave them life” unless they are gay.

2. Thou shall not be without a checking and savings account.


3. Thou shall not argue with their woman like a woman for he knows a woman’s voice is HER power and HIS power is in silent action.

4. Thou shall not neglect education and the acquisition of self-knowledge.

5. Thou shall not make excuses for not making currency in either an entrepreneurial endeavor or hired labor.

6. Thou shall not look down upon and demonize black youth. One should encourage, guide and uplift.

7. Thou shall not marry and take the wife’s last name.

8. Thou shall not be an unbalanced feminist and minimize the man’s role in society and family.


9. Thou shall not bleach or lighten their skin.

10. Thou shall not perm, blond or relax their hair.

11. Thou shall not practice Afrocentrism in white owned institutions of employment.  Soldiers wear camouflage for a reason.

12. Thou shall not say any female of another race is better than the black woman.

13. Thou shall not support any cause/politician/group or religion that doesn’t support, honor and fight for the human rights of black people

14. Thou shall not adopt terminology associated with LGBT culture unless one is gay or lesbian. See #1.

15. Thou shall not watch ratchet reality shows unless it’s to critique, analyze and educate

16. Thou shall not watch or endorse media that portray us in an unfavorable way

17. Thou shall not trust the television news media, magazines, newspapers,  TMZ, Mediatakeout, Worldstarhiphop or any other website that promotes lies, false imagery , fear and the infighting and overall destruction of our people.

18. Thou shall not think they are conscious, awakened or have Knowledge of Self because they have African clothing, jewelry, medallions, tattoos, books, knowledge of history and black culture etc.

19. Thou shall not seek approval from white culture for black character and creativity, no matter how it’s viewed by white culture

20. Thou shall not wear clothing specifically made for women like dresses, skirts, blouses, bras, panties etc.

21. Thou shall not call white people niggas unless one expects to be called a nigger by the same white person


22. Thou shall not neglect their health, diet or physical fitness

22. Thou shall not walk by their neighbors without saying hello when you pass them

23. Thou shall not demonize psychotherapy and those who use it to heal

24. Thou shall not physically, emotionally or mentally abuse women

25. Thou shall not neglect their spirituality and daily personal growth

26. Thou shalt not fall victim to cults of personality and shall critically analyze all leaders and movements

27. Thou shalt not think they know it all when new things are discovered daily

28. Thou shall not think the ghetto is a place of black pride

29. Thou shall not look down on so-called pagan spiritual divination systems which originated in Africa

30. Thou shall not neglect or abandon their children regardless of the children’s mothers behavior or attitude


31. Thou shall not be one who doesn’t own at least one pair of dress shoes and a suit and tie.

32. Thou shall not be without a passport

33. Thou shall not depend on the system of white privilege to employ you, feed you, create jobs for you, give you justice in his courts, create institutions for your benefit, educate you or your family, give you shelter, show you Gods way, support your dreams, heal you, love you or stop trying to destroy you overall by any means necessary.

Let’s get back to greatness!

Victimhood: The Sleeping Spell on Black America


In life, regardless of your upbringing or social status, there are two very important lifestyle choices one must make. You can choose to sit on the sidelines and watch things happen around you or you can act and be the one to change and make things happen around you.

You can be a spectator or a go getter.
You can fight for victory or accept victim hood. Fight or flight.

Unfortunately, it seems like alot of Black Americans have chosen victim hood as an acceptable lifestyle. Not all, but a good enough amount to make it a social issue. I’ll shortly explain why i have this perspective:

America is an ugly yet beautiful place.
It is filled with some of the most amazing success stories known to man and also home to some of the greatest atrocities committed by mankind. America will give your grandmother social security benefits and at the same time kick her out of a rent stabilized building so the landlord can build overpriced condos. Life isn’t fair and neither is America. In fact, globally America is the big bad bully coming to take your woman, her self esteem, your oil, your resources, your culture, your currency, kill and/or incarcerate your strong men and place American television programming in your country so they can put you through the psychological mind fuck of reality television, bad food, consumerism and perceived American perfection. The U.S.A. is the wild wild west and we, the taxpayers, provide these capitalist cowboys their guns and bullets whether we like it, realize it, or not.

Still, America has the one thing everyone worldwide wants and not every country provides which is this:

The opportunity to live whatever lifestyle you choose…. as long as you can finance it.


What? You thought i was going to type life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Ha!! That’s American propaganda folks!
Lets examine why its propaganda..

Life: Monsanto based foods will kill you. Lets not mention the health drawbacks of a fast food diet. Toxic waste emissions making the ozone deplete. Global warming. High rent. Terrorism via American foreign policy, etc.

Liberty: America has the highest prison population in the world. Most of them black and Latino. More and more are children being tried as adults. Nuff said.


The pursuit of happiness: Capitalism is extremely self serving and exploitative. It will place you in a subprime mortgage knowing its going to quadruple and not inform you. Capitalism is perpetual buyer beware. This keeps people on edge and unhappy.

Nevertheless. …….

People from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds overcome insurmountable odds and are triumphant in spite of them.  People come off of train, plane, boat and illegally cross  borders all for the promise of the American dream. They come into this country and oftentimes do menial labor while attending school or saving money to invest in their dreams.

They then open stores, become doctors and lawyers, build good credit, practice cooperative economics, buy and sell to another, organize and build institutions and maintain their cultural integrity for the most part while doing so.

In short, they come to America to win and struggle and sacrifice to do so. Nothing stops them.

Africans and people from the Caribbean often come into this country with little usually and oftentimes cant even speak the English language correctly . Yet they still become business owners, builders and educated professionals.

What’s stopping black people born in America from succeeding in the country everyone wants to come to?

Two simple reasons: American cultural hubris and the highly promoted images of black limitation, criminality, injustice and racism in American media that blacks in America accept as truth.

American cultural hubris is the cultural expectation that you will be taken care of by the American system.  Black people have taken on this hubris in the same way White Americans have, without realizing that America is not, nor was not built to service black needs or black justice.  It was built for Whites to be Kings and for blacks to be servants.The recent cases of police brutality and police assassinations on young black men are opening many eyes to this fact. In fact, a white criminal is more likely to get a job than a black male with no criminal record. Yet, black Americans still feel victimized when these things are discovered rather than fight tooth and nail to build their own institutions to service their needs like the Jews, Amish, Asian and even the African and Caribbean communities.

American  hubris also leads many to think that the black millionaire or billionaire is obligated to save them or “give back to the hood”.  Also, that a Black leader will “fix it” and somehow miraculously take care of everything wrong with black America.  The other option is to just wait for Jesus and the rapture and receive their heaven upon death. Thinking that someone or something  else will take care of the problem while neglecting one’s own remedies for the community.  We need to seek ways individually and collectively to contribute in saving the present and future generations instead of waiting for a savior to come and bring us to the promised land.

Black limitation is also constantly pushed through american media as almost a fact of life. Black men are shown as criminals on every 10 pm newscast daily and black violence is a mainstay while other cultures violent acts get little to no airplay. If you turn on BET during the day, you’ll see repeated payday loan and debt consolidation commercials, as if black people accept being in debt as their destiny. We can also go into the cop shows that reinforce black criminality and police violence as somehow part of black peoples birthright. Look at the lack of black success stories and black entrepreneurs, that are not either sports figures or entertainers, that are showcased via the media. The blatant injustice against blacks that the courts sanction and rationalize.  Reality shows showcasing our worst behavior worldwide hardly help either.

BUT…Blacks from other countries don’t complain. They come here work hard and organize among their culture to create stores and institutions for their well being. They don’t subscribe to victim hood. They subscribe to a by any means necessary mentality. The same one Malcolm X and the N.O.I. espoused decades ago and is still relevant.

Blacks in America need to realize they are not wanted in America and certainly not beloved by the powers that run it.  The descendants of slaves are not meant to rise and become kings. Power is never freely given but taken. We need to become self sufficient, self aware, culturally educated and empowered and realize that we have to take care of themselves, as our own separate cultural entity with unique issues, before blaming the government, popular media,  successful blacks, schools and other entities for their underclass status in America.

American Blacks need an independent do for self attitude that is focused less on complaining and bitching about what “they” are doing to us and more on organizing and fixing the issues that stop the “they” from doing it to us in the first place. The focus should always be the solution and not the problem itself.
The focus should never be on how you are being victimized but how to gain victory.

If a black man or woman from any other part of the world can come here and succeed, there is nothing stopping us who were born here in the US who have  opportunities that some blacks in the Diaspora would kill for.


Break the curse. Educate yourself and your family. Participate in local politics. Sacrifice some fun and fuckery to build. Mentor a child in your own family first or a child in your neighborhood that could use advice. Start a business. Attend a class. Watch less television. Tap into your own gifts. Create. Outwork other cultures.  Move from victim to victory. Our ancestors died and struggled for this.

Peace, Power and Prosperity….


Why Hood love is killing the Hip Hop Community and how to fix it

We in the Black Hip Hop community are taught to love the hood. Why?
Is it a good place to live? Does the community gain from the hood? Do you want your children raised and schooled there?
 If you answered no, then we have to analyze why this culture of suffering and poverty is often looked at as the standard of Hip Hop and black life.

From my perspective, The hood is not something to be celebrated. Being ghetto should not be a character trait that is applauded. We live and survive in the ghetto but the end goal should always be to grow and elevate above one’s station in life.

No other culture or race of people holds a lifestyle of struggle and poverty in such  high esteem as black Americans.  Black’s connected to their indigenous cultures (Africans, Caribbeans, etc.) do not embrace the ghetto/hood as a viable way of life. They come to America to succeed.

Non melanated people, who don’t want any association with  blacks or the hoods they live in, look at the hood as a money making opportunity. Nothing more, nothing less. They enter our ghettos with bulletproof glass, hair and nail shops, non refundable stores and overpriced items to profit off our ignorance.

Commercial rap (Not to be confused with Hip Hop, which from birth was a revolutionary and educational force) does play a part in upholding the hood/ghetto as a place of pride and love. We are taught through repetition in our music that to struggle is honorable and to live in a fucked up environment is in someway” keeping it real”. We are taught to look at those of us who aren’t gangsta or thuggin as weak and lame. The smart ones in the hood are labeled as nerds and suckers because they don’t behave like wolves although living in animalistic conditions. This is beautifully illustrated in the movie Akeelah and the Bee and the movie DOPE.


Please don’t get it twisted or mistaken. I am a product of the hood/poverty mentality. I grew up in the hoods of the Bronx and Houston. I’ve also lived in the suburbs of Atlanta and Houston during my formative years. I was taught that it wasn’t cool to be too smart by my childhood peers in public school whose parents didn’t value the importance of education like mine did. I was taught by some of my favorite rappers that to live in the ghetto was ok and to be a strong black man you had to be a gangster, drug dealer, robber, killer or thug. Even my own mother used to stress being quiet, staying humble and being comfortable not having. These are all by products of mental slavery. More on mental slavery soon.

The ironic thing is when I lived in the upscale suburbs of Atlanta, I saw the same courage and fearlessness in some of my peers.They had their own coming of age struggles as well. The main difference? They were smart and being smart and educated wasn’t frowned upon by their peers. In the suburbs, if you were a rebel you were cool and  at the same time you could be intellectual. They had clean environments to live in. They didn’t primarily listen to hardcore rap music to reinforce the “nigga” stereotype into their subconscious mind.

Mental slavery is so much more damaging then physical slavery because a mind state, like DNA, get passed on to children. Blacks in America were stripped of everything they had in Africa. We were robbed of language, culture, art, freedom, self determination, family, spirituality etc. We were left with a poor and poverty ridden worldview which left us in fear of white people, submitting to them in subservience and left in underserved ghettos to survive and scrape by. We had to, at one time,  love our poverty because it was the ONLY way to survive and not go crazy. We had to, at one time, live in fear of education, because if you were too smart you were considered a threat to the white power structure.  We had to eat poor foods because that’s ALL we were given. We had to struggle at that plantation because we were forced to do so and had no alternative in the form of job opportunities. These things were in place post slavery with Jim Crow laws and Black codes across America. We have been taught to hate ourselves , accept less for and from ourselves and have embraced poverty and decrepit living conditions for more than 400 years.

Now don’t get me wrong. I know racism is still alive and well. Discrimination in all the arenas of life still exist. Corporate glass ceilings, job discrimination, school to prison pipelines, redlining, the white supremacy theology of racism, limited access to government resources among other social ills are known, well researched and documented. However the ability to overcome those circumstances and thrive beyond them and even live independent of the system is a luxury that our ancestors did not have in the 17th, 18th and 1900’s.


To put it point blank, in the new millennium, aka the information age, American policy, white influence, institutional racism, media propaganda or politics is no longer an excuse for our lack of success or hood mentality. If Frederick Douglass could learn to read and write under punishment of death, If Hannibal of Carthage could conquer the majority of Italy with elephants, if Malcolm Little can transform from Detroit Red the pimp into the great Malcolm X, if Mary McLeod Bethune could build a school amidst Klu Klux Klan threats and make pencils from burnt wood and if Ida B. Wells can start schools and be one of the first women to refuse to be thrown off a bus there is NOTHING black people can’t do in this new millennium with the opportunities before us. Opportunities our ancestors bled for.

What the hood/ ghetto needs to transform into is a village. The village takes care of its own people. The village makes sure their community is clean. The village creates jobs and build business in their own community. The village spends money with each other. The village votes for their local leaders and state representatives. The village works with the community and helps build up the youth and participates in the schools.  Don’t believe me? Look at Lil Italy and Chinatown. Look at the Jewish community. Google Soweto PA, a village so special that NASA had to find out why the people in it weren’t dying of cancer while eating improper, smoking cigars and living a pretty regular life. Look at the Amish. These are examples of villages in real time that can be studied and exemplified. Dr.Claude Anderson in his book Powernomics laid out a blueprint for us to follow. But will we?


Yes, Racism exists. But will you let it beat you or will you outsmart it and beat it back?!  Ultimately, the choice is ours. Your life is what will change the world. No priest, prophet, holy book or messenger will do what YOU can do for yourself. Take control of yourself. There is no people on the planet greater or has endured more and survived more than the black family. There is no longer an excuse for us not reclaiming our rightful titles and Kings & Queens with the resources we have at our disposal.

Yet, you built those pyramids right? Build them again.
We created civilization right? Create it again.
Fuck the hood mentality, re create the village!
Fuck poverty, create wealth and clean community!
Boycott those who don’t support you and support your own!
Peace, Power and Progress…..